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Winter Capitol

I thought the above photo from Crosb was stunning.

I was equally taken with photo below from anartist on flickr who writes:

“Conrad Cheek is selling Street Sense on Capitol Hill, a newspaper about homelessness and poverty, with articles and photography by the homeless. Homeless and recently homeless vendors keep 90% of the proceeds from sales.”

Selling Street Sense

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  • Semi-topically: I don’t understand the concept behind Street Sense. If you’re chronically living on the streets in America, it’s probably NOT because you “can’t find a job.” In most cases, it’s because you’ve got untreated mental illness that you are self-medicating with alcohol and street drugs. So how does a direct cash donation help?

    These guys need inpatient care. Pocket change to buy booze/drugs seems counterproductive. What am I missing?

  • I love this Street Sense guy. He has the most amazing voice. He truly could do professional voiceovers for TV or radio. I talked to him about it once, but I guess no one has discovered him yet.

  • agreed Lady, he’s a very nice guy and you’re right, has a wonderful voice. I always notice him when I’m in the area.

  • Conrad’s quite the character and can tell a good yarn, ask him about his time at UCLA med school.

  • Thanks for showing the picture of Conrad. I absolutely love Street Sense and the fact that it allows the homeless earn their own money and have something to put on a resume to increase their ability to obtain other jobs in the future. I prefer this model to other non-profits that just donate stuff to people in need (not to say that those orgs don’t to great and important work).

  • I’ve met Conrad as well and had a great time chatting with him.

  • Oh, and that’s an impressive iPhone photo of the Capitol!

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