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  • That is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing. I really love to learn about the development and redevelopment of Washington DC. In fact I have read just about every book out there…from L’enfant to Capital Losses, etc… It is great to see some pictures of the redevelopment. So many beautiful homes lost…to build something ugly, only to be redesigned or demolished 50 years later. I can only imagine how much those houses would be worth now…or what other cool neighborhood we would have…

  • Amazing photo essay. What a tragic story. Thanks for sharing it.

  • yeah isn’t this an amazing presentation? really unbelievably well done.

  • I love the slide showing streetcars being transported for export to Czechoslovakia. Maybe that started their industry from which we just bought our streetcars!

  • Absolutely brilliant! Amazing photographs that put to shame a lot of contemporary snappers. I drove through there just today – to DMV for emissions inspection – and was thinking how bleak, soul-less and ugly it all was. Except for gorgeous new mosaics in whatever tunnel that is on the way back (going to Maine Avenue.)

  • This reminds me of how they were planning to tear down the Old Patent Office Building (where Lincoln had his inaugural ball) in order to build a parking lot to handle the increasing use of cars. Thankfully, in that case, Eisenhower gave the building to the Smithsonian instead.

  • Ok….. People need to remember that SW DC, though a vibrant neighborhood, was also the seen of wrong-side-of-the-tracks slums and violent 1950s gang wars.

  • Thanks for posting this link, PoP.

  • The Bulldozer and the Hibiscus would be more like it.

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