One of My Favorite Buildings Gets a Facelift


I’ve mentioned these buildings on 15th Street, NW just north of Meridian Hill/Malcolm X park before. A few months ago there was some scaffolding up and I’ve eagerly been awaiting to see the results. I think it looks great. This whole property is incredible. Due to the trees it’s hard to get a picture of the entire property so these photos don’t totally do it justice…



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  • Does anyone know the history of this building? It looks like it was a personal residence at one time.

  • I’m pretty sure it was once some sort of arts-colony, providing (very tiny) apts. and some central meeting space – maybe back in the 1920’s or 30’s??

    I looked at a condo for sale here many years ago – but can’t remember the name of the place – that would certainly help us find out more.

  • It was built for artists. If you get the book “Best Addresses,” this building is talked about.

  • Always loved this place. Would love to see inside one of the units.

  • My grandmother used to live in the apartment building directly across of here.

    I always wished that she lived HERE instead. LOL

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