Old Felix Spot in Adams Morgan Gets New Signs


Tim Carman from City Paper’s Young and Hungry blog did some digging and found a quote from the owner:

“New establishment is going to be a new American restaurant called Savour and a lounge called Sutra. I have an executive chef from the Phoenix Park Hotel in D.C. who is on board who will be making new American cuisine. He is Vietnamese so it should be a nice fusion of American and Asian cuisine.”

Carman also says the new spot is scheduled to open Friday.


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  • I was hoping a new tenant would mean the removal of that ugly metal “siding” that Felix put up years ago.

  • I have a feeling that this is not connected to the Sutra lounge in NYC.

  • Does anyone know what happened to the old felix sign? My wife and i met there 12 yrs ago and i would love to get ahold of it.

  • Ahh, Vivaldi. Seems to be the current “go to” font when people want to convey sophistication. That and Zapfino.

  • I was just going to write about how that font is so played out (didn’t even know the name – Vivaldi. Good to know…) but Divine seems to have beaten me to it. For some weird reason (and I know this is harsh and completely irrational, played out fonts on menus and signage is a harbinger of mediocre things to come. Hope they prove me wrong.

  • “He is Vietnamese so it should be a nice fusion of American and Asian cuisine.”

    ^ ^ why would the fact that he’s Vietnamese mean that he knows how to create a “nice fusion of American and Asian cuisine”? It seems like that would be determined by what kind of food he has experience cooking moreso than by his ethnicity. Sigh. Anyone have info on this chef’s specialty at his prior gig?

  • I agree with you Anon 10:53AM, the Savour sign looks as if they created it in Word. It just screams mediocrity or a strip club circa 1995.

  • I’ve passed by and it looks like a nice breeze is about to sweep through Adams Morgan! Inside, it looks amazing.

    Its time for sophistication there, not just another place where college kids go bar hopping

  • just went inside today while looking for a place for my birthday dinner and its really nice inside. they just opened two days ago so it’s still got that new smell. the staff was super cool and the wings were goooood. we ended up picking this place for our dinner/starting our night 🙂 right now the menu is pretty small but the stuff on it all sounds delicious. prices are pretty good.. organic meat.. and they said they’ll be adding to the menu next week. i have high hopes 🙂

    • I was trying to find you since last night. The phone # I got from you did not respond. This is Dylan, the GM for Savour restaurant. Just wanted to inform you that because of the heavy snow fall and driving difficulties, we decided not to open today. I hope we can take a “snow check” and have your party sometimes next week, any day with a bottle of bubbly on me. Happy birthday to you. Kind regards: dylan *any question: 202-251-9918

  • I just referenced “Vivaldi” font in MS Word and the font is nothing like the one on the sign. I don’t know why the posters here are so concerned about the sign or siding of either of the restaurants! Why has no one posted about the food? It’s a place to eat for crying out loud!

    They do not have a website with a menu yet. But of those who have eaten there (2 people) one mentioned wings, and the other only stated that the presentation was nice.

    What is the cuisine and what are the really good/bad dishes?

    Also, I saw the GM’s offer to buy someone champaign because the place was closed for their birthday… that shows a lot of class, in my opinion.

    But would someone please describe the food. I do not really care about wings, which can be round in every single bar in DC.

  • I was mistaken – the word “Savour” IS Vivaldi. But not sure what “Sutra” is. Either way, I think it looks fine and who cares about the font?

    • I agree with Anon..looks like a rookie graphic artist job to me..more like a friend of a friend pro bono.If no time was spent to put together a good sign or a good menu etc, then what does that say for the upcoming mgt.How in the Hell did the GM know to come to this blog to post something to a client..looks real suspect to me..just my opinion

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