Ojo Latino – Valentina in the snow


Ojo Latino is a series by Néstor Sánchez Cordero. This week features Nestor’s “good friend Valentina, this is the fist time she has seen snow in her 20 something years…remember we come from tropical weather”. Néstor says, “Images are around, the secret is to catch them at the right moment and with the right light…


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  • Awesome. Very cool to see an adult’s first experience with snow. Thanks once again, Néstor!

  • based on this woman’s poise… her flexible attitude toward frozen water falling upon her head, and the choice of appropriate warm clothing…..

    i would indeed enjoy procreating with her.

    is she, by chance, available?

    thanks in advance!


  • First time she saw snow and you didn’t rub a handful in her face?? Or hit her in the ear with a snowball? Those are the ultimate snow experiences.

  • This is Tiger’s friend would she like to meet Tiger. She is hot caliente. She no frio.

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