Not Everyone’s Gonna Love This But I Found it Curious…


I think most will agree that this architecture is beautiful. But what I found curious was that this home from 10th Street, NW had two different house numbers. Normally on one structure you’ll see 1803 and 1803 1/2 but this one has 1803 and 1801. I’d never seen one structure like this with two addresses. Anyone know the rules on something like this?


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  • Don’t have an answer to your question… however I lived at on “S” St from birth to until 10 years ago (32 yrs)… there was a time when the WHOLE house was a group home… and what a pain that was! LOL

  • I don’t know what the deal is but I think there’s a house at 18th & Lamont in MtP with a similar two-address situation – maybe it’s always been set up like a duplex?

  • Wasn’t this a previous gdon?? Or house porn?

  • Live in the neighborhood and this is actually pretty common. The thing is houses that sit on cross streets have their choice of which address they utilize. This particular house has the following choices:

    1801 10th ST NW
    1803 10th ST NW
    949 S ST NW

    It just happens they are actually using 3 as they have 3 units in the house. If I were in their situation I would probably choose the address based on the orientation of my front door. Given that they straddle the “lot” lines for numbering it is their choice.

    FYI this house was just one the market (and withdrawn after many months w/o a sale) for 1.8 million — listing was under 949 — which is the owners unit.

  • Here’s one possible thing that might be going on. The Capitol Hill place where I first lived with my then girlfriend (now my wife) was another house with two addresses, indeed on different streets (it was on a corner). It contained six apartments, four on one address and two on the other. The real point of this was to qualify for free garbage collection by the District: the owner of a building with five or more units must arrange for private garbage collection. It actually was a single building, but IANAL, I don’t know whether the two-address bit was gaming the system or taking advantage of a genuine loophole.

  • The Master Address Repsoitory (MAR) is the official address database for the city of Washington, DC.

    This is from the Master Address Repsoitory FAQ:

    What is the relationship between an address and a building?

    It is a many to many relationship. One building can have multiple entrances each with its own primary address (example: office building with separate retail addresses). Also, one address can represent multiple buildings / businesses (a main house and the garage behind it). This relationship between an address and a building is not stored in the MAR.

    The MAR has both of these addresses 1801 & 1803 10th Street NW. There are hundreds of other cases where there are multiple primary addresses (which are not units nor 1/2) in one building. A large percentage of these cases being on corner buildings. For more information regarding address issues in Washington, DC please go to:,A,1192,Q,492656.asp

  • This will seem obvious to some, but might need to be said. Half numbers are used when whole numbers are not available, such as a basement apartment of a rowhouse getting its own number. Whole numbers on Tenth Street were available in the case of the rear/side of 949 S. It is for this reason that first houses on a block, when not on the corner, do not start at 00 or 01. The next house up from 1803 10th might, for example, be 1811 10th, even though it had bben the first numbered building on the block.

  • I love this place

  • This is our house! We love it too.

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