New Murals in Ward 1

Thanks to twitter user @SocJustCampDC for the link. I’ve featured most of these new murals before but the video provides a cool perspective of them.

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  • I would really LOVE some cold hard factual-type details on painting a mural.

    My neighbors built a wall between our back yards – cinderblock covered with a coat of, I suppose cement? I thought I’d paint something simple – like a field of sunflowers, or maybe sharks. But do I prime first or paint on the bare surface? What brand of paint is best? The wall has been up for a year, but after rains I can still what seems to be dampness along the mortar lines – is that a problem? There is also something like leeching salt lines.

    They painted their side with regular Duron exterior paint and it seems fine. I’ve been researching online and come up with avalanches of contradictory advice and so much info I’m overwhelmed. It’s not the Sistine Chapel, but I don’t want it flaking in 5 years.

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