Neighbors Informing Neighbors in Mt. Pleasant


Apparently there have been a number of cars vandalized in Mt. Pleasant. What do you think the role of residents should be in helping to solve this problem?

In more positive Mt. Pleasant news, the retaining walls that have been getting fixed for months on Adams Mill Road have finally been fixed. They look great!


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  • The wall does look great. Anyone know who did the work? Is there a sign somewhere?

    • I wouldn’t use this company. Sure it looks ok but these walls took over a year to be completed. And for 3 or 4 months after the work was done the sidewalk that was torn out during their reconstruction wasn’t replaced. In short, for about 1 and a half years there were jersey barriers in front of this row of houses. If anyone knows why it took so long I’d love to know.

      • As far as I know the walls were down and in need of repair for about 10 years total. I could be wrong but think the disaster happened around 1999-2000.

      • I wonder if the residents got any support from the city for the rebuilding of these walls – surely it was not an inexpensive proposition (and perhaps was a factor in the delays?). Glad to see they got fixed and are looking good!

  • The maker of that hand bill has got to learn to be terse! Not enough people are going to read that.

  • I’m all for the community coming together to combat crime and improve the neighborhood. However, the incidents listed on the poster don’t seem random. I’m guessing it’s done by someone they know.

    • There is a crazy man who has been stalking a woman around that intersection and shot at her recently, but I don’t think that was her sign since she already had a restraining order.

      Mt Pleasant crime is almost never truly random and when it occurs over in that section it’s because there are about 5 realy scummy, trashy families left in the neighborhood who cause crimes.

  • CHeightsdude- My thoughts exactly. Im basing this on my friends and I having lived and parked in this neighborhood for the better part of a decade without incident. Given the way this person is handeling the issue I would say they maybe have the ability to rub people the wrong way…

  • Neighborhood Watch, anyone? Hello? Of course if you see someone breaking into a car, you should call the police pronto. If the vandal happens to be a resident of your neighborhood, too bad. That’s his or her problem, not yours.

  • as much as i dislike mount pleasant i cant belive that only a few “trashy scummy people” are causing the crime here. good god!, who do you think you are? i can almost deal with crime. but it’s the elitist feeling that i get when i hear my neighbors talk this way. where would mtpl. be if you good souls had not saved us from the people who lived here before they were gentrified and saved from there sorry selves? i wonder? god bless you liberal old hippies and thank you!

  • I moved to Mt Pleasant recently after living in various neighborhoods in the city since birth. This neighborhood is my absolute favorite place to live and may end up being a renter for the rest of my life so I can afford to live here. However, I hear a lot of negative comments about MtP and was wondering if you could be more specific. I doubt it will change my mind much, but I would like to be more aware of my current surroundings.

  • DCsarah- I’m Life long district resident who moved to MTP as well. If you are reffering to inmtpl’s comment, he is clearly a few short of a dozen if you get me drift. Been living here a long time now and its great. I’d be hard pressed to come up with many negatives really.

    • Thanks Anon, I feel the same way. It’s not just inmtpl comment, but an overall feeling on this blog that a lot of people don’t like MtP. For instance, I was hesistant to move here because I heard horror stories about the crime. The last neighborhood I lived in was Columbia Heights, so Mt. Pleasant feels like Mayberry compared to that.

  • she is clearly short of a dozen ..but that doesnt negate my comment, all though rereading it this a.m. i feel it angry and not succint as i would like. i have lived in d.c. for thirty years in many neighborhoods all over the city. mt pleasnt is among my least favorite. at first i was shocked when the generally older residents of mtp felt it necessary to refernce their success in curtailing with the aftermath of the riots that had occured in 1991. in veiled or unveiled language it was clear that they felt warrented in supressiing the rights of the latino poulation. i am well aware tha this was a small majority of our residents and thanks to a Hear Mt. PleasanT and other very committed individuals that is changing. secondly, i have never lived any were in d.c that was so adverse to change im not sure if it is the many divergent groups that make change such a long road or the rather draconian rules and strident nature of HMP..the rents for commercial properties are high, but ask people trying to open a business here and not only are they contending with th d.c goverment but they also have to negotiate the various road blocks forced on them by the many mtpl associations. this is especially true for food an alchohol establishments. lastly, i have indeed heard more gun shots here than any were i haved lived. three people on my block have been robbed at gunpoint in the last two years. i feel that while mtpl is nice neighborhood and if you love it and want to rent here forever. do !! i personally find (omo) somewhat bigoted in a veiled way and uptight these days any way.


  • I’ve lived in MT P before, during and after the riots – I think it’s a great neighborhood with room for improvement.

    Not sure what you mean about the draconian rules nor strident nature of HMP (Historic Mt Pleasant). HMP is a membership organization, not a rule making body.

  • hmp is a mebership organization. i am mistaken to say the rules are theirs.they are the rules of the historic preservaation office.

  • Thanks for sharing your views. I really like MtP because it feels like a little enclave in the middle of the city. I’ve met a lot of my neighbors and enjoy walking around any time of the day. That was not the experience I’ve had in other areas. In some, I was endlessly catcalled as I walked around and did not feel safe without my dog. As for crime in MtP, however, I haven’t heard a peep since I’ve been here, whereas shootings (and stabbings) were weekly occurrences in my area of Columbia Heights. Even walked in on a shooting in progress coming home from work. I know that crime happens in MtP, but the fact that it doesn’t happen as often and that I know many of my neighbors makes me feel safer.

    Say what you will about the person who posted that sign, but I feel that it’s good that people are talking about it and are willing to come together to do something about it. In CH, all my neighbors had the “what you going do” attitude.

    Now I sound like I’m trying to put CH down, I’m not. It just wasn’t for me. But I do enjoy reading the constructive criticism of neighborhoods. What works for one person may not work for another. I’d rather be informed about some of these issues then end up becoming part of the problem.

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