Nail Salon Opens in old Vietnamese Market Space on Park Road, NW

Nail Salon on Park Rd

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Walking down Park Rd this afternoon, not only was there a line out the door at Pho 14 but the nearby nail salon had opened.”

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  • Does anyone know anyone who still goes to nail salons? Everyone I know at work long ago stopped going.

  • Of course we still go! Mostly for pedicures though. Speaking of, anyone know the cost of a pedi at this place? I have found a good spot on GA Ave, but most nail salons in DC are really expensive or not very clean.

  • Don’t know the price here but Barreiro Salon in Mt Pleasant charges $50 for a one hour pedicure. Clean and welcoming place.

  • Meh. I miss the tender sweet old woman thrusting thai basil into my cart and the pho broth.

  • Who still gets manicures and pedicures? Every adult woman in the ghetto

    • It’s not just the ghetto – all of the nail salons on the Hill are constantly packed with professional women of all ages, year round. (Not just traditional sandal season – I saw a couple of youngish (mid twenties) professional women taking advantage of the day off on Monday afternoon at a nail salon on Pennsylvania Ave.) In fact, I’d have a harder time showing you a woman who doesn’t get her nails done. (At least pedicures.)

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