Lots of Tree News – For Your Home and the City

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The city has announced that it will be planting 3000 new trees all over the city based on requests it received from the city call center. Pretty cool. From an emailed press release:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has begun planting more than 3,000 new street trees to help meet Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s Green DC Agenda goal of expanding the tree canopy and establishing the District as one of the world’s pre-eminent green cities…

From December to May, DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) will plant the new trees across all eight wards of the city. Planting locations are based on requests that were made by residents to the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center before July 15, 2009…

The tentative planting schedule will begin with Ward 7, then Ward 8, 5, 6, 2, 1, 3, and 4. The planting schedule for specific neighborhoods will be posted on the UFA website this week, but is subject to change due to equipment, weather, emergencies, and other extenuating circumstances.

In addition, UFA will plant 100 elm trees in a partnership with Casey Trees and team up with the organization Trees for Georgetown to plant 40 new trees in that historic neighborhood.

And if you’d like trees on your property DDOE has a special offer with RiverSmart Homes for $50:

Through a special offer from the RiverSmart Homes program, District homeowners can have shade trees planted on their property for only $50 per tree. Space is the only limit to the number of trees we can plant on each property. You can sign up for the $50 trees offer by clicking the link below and filling out the requested fields. In the spring, a representative of Casey Trees will visit individual homeowners determine the most appropriate trees and locations for planting in each yard. Once the tree species and locations have been chosen, Casey Trees will then schedule the planting. The cost of planting is included in the $50 co-payment.

You can read more info about that program here.

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  • Ward 4 coming in last again, thanks Bowser!

    • Digging around on the ddot site, it says planting will be done by April, do you’re not really missing anything except for some bare branch shade.

  • wwooohhhooooooo! Plant lots and lots and lots of trees!

  • This is great! Casey Trees rocks! Across the metro region we’ve been losing something like 28 acres a day?? The region through COG and the Regional Climate Plan is calling for a plan to increase tree canopy across the region to sequester carbon and to lower the urban heat island and improve air quality, so every tree counts! Thanks PoP for posting this one…..

    And, something has got to make up for all the trees being cut for the new ICC superhighway in Maryland!

  • We’re getting one of those 50 buck trees in the spring!

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