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Susana Raab is a DC photographer and blogger.  This photograph is from her Consumed series about fast food culture.   The work in the Consumed series was shot with a 6×7 rangefinder, using color negative film.  Read Susana’s statement  about the series and biography at the Photo-Eye site.

Tofu-dog, Playboy Playmate, PETA protest, Washington, DC
Tofu-dog, Playboy Playmate, PETA Protest, Washington, DC.   ©Susana Raab 2009

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  • Vonstallin

    id eat that for a Dollar !!!!

  • Kalorini

    I really like this LOOK series you’re doing PoP. Cool idea!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks Kalorini. This is a series edited by Matt Dunn. I can’t take the credit!

      • Kalorini

        I’ve just noticed the new feature, and wanted to give some positive feedback! It seems like people just like to voice their negative criticism about the site, so I’m sure hearing something positive is good for the ol’ self-esteem. 🙂 Thanks for keeping this blog going!

  • houseintherear

    Impressive, it only took 4 minutes for a sexual innuendo.

    I like this feature, PoP, but not this photo. I find it ridiculous, actually. Unless there were equal amounts of men in banana hammocks in attendance at this little tofu dog PETAfest, it should be ignored. For a group so against the exploitation of living things, they’re pretty quick to exploit women.

  • In the future, please give good looking half naked men equal time. We get enough bimbet worship on tv.

  • Great points about 1) the lack of half naked male hotties pictured on PoP.
    2) this photo is kinda lacking in artistic value.
    3) My better half and I have been kinda bummed about the decline in our daily allotment of eye candy seen on the street since we moved from Adams Morgan to Petworth.
    4) I love saying those words together. “Banana hammock banana hammock banana hammock” If you kind of draw it out, it sounds like an Italian dessert.

  • I’ve always found DC to be a fairly homely city, so I was shocked to see this young lady pictured here. Then I realized: she’s imported! That explains it.

  • The photo has no artistic merit, IMO. Falls into the category of ‘snapshot,’ as do most of the “awesome” photos posted here.

    • I must disagree with this. Pictures of hot half-naked women always have merit. While I don’t really see the connection between soft porn and protecting animals, the picture is great.

  • Hee hee. I was out with friends a few months ago and met a PETA staffer, a youngish guy. I commented on the PETA hot chicks campaign and he said that he and another guy cooked that up on a larf to get more good looking women in the office, and the management thought it was a great idea and went with it. He now gets to appraise women for their sex appeal all for animal rights and thinks its the greatest scam ever!

  • More blondes with boobs and hotdogs please. I don’t think I’m going to get much work done today. I very long pagehit for PoP today.

  • peta. What azzclowns. They are against exploiting animals (even tasty ones covered in BBQ sauce) but they seem to be ok with exploiting women.
    Im torn, I dont know what to do.

    /nice pick. F peta.

  • TaylorStreetMan, at least look at the entire series on her site and see if you still agree with that sentiment. Besides, “snapshot” is an empty and pointless word when talking about photographs. Do you mean that it isn’t carefully composed? That it was taken without a certain intent on the part of the photographer? Simply not the case in either instance. Again, look at the series on her website and you can see that this photograph is part of a larger story.

    Great job again, Matt.

  • @Bogotron: To be clear (and fair), I was commenting on the photo that was posted here on PoP. And I stand by my comment.

    The series is much more interesting, both in terms of qualifiers like composition, but also for the power of the message. Almost any of the other pieces in the series would have been a better representation of the entirety, but hey, nothing gets hits (and comments, and traffic and therefore ad revenue) like a hot chick, right?

    PoP, trying to grab everyone’s attention? I guess you got it.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      As with the People’s District, I do not pick the content. I did not select this photo from the series. I don’t know how I can make it more clear. I think Matt Dunn (the editor of this series) is an amazing photographer and editor and I trust his skills and judgment just as I trust Danny Harris from People’s District.

    • I think your comment is pretty unfair. I mean really, do you think of PoP as a blog characterized by titillating pictures? This is probably the first one I can think of.

      And so what if it is? It’s from a guest contributor anyway, and it’s an image that accurately portrays an event that took place in DC. It’s a statement about PETA too, and this event, which everyone can evaluate for what it’s worth.

      To say that this is selling out or something is completely absurd. Criticize PETA for trying to promote their message with sex if you want to, but don’t criticize PoP for (not even himself) choosing this image to represent a real event that was pretty much what you see.

      • Actually, I was reminded of the big stink over PoP’s posting about some punk who ran drugs, fathered multiple kids with various mothers and then basically blamed whitey for it all. So, this isn’t the first time a titillating picture/post has appeared here. That one had tons of people calling out PoP for what I (mistakenly) called him out for.
        I take back the criticism of PoP, since he didn’t post it (sorry again), but it’s still a weak picture, that’s all.

  • Sorry, PoP. I apologize for the error.

  • I still think the photo is the weakest of the lot.

  • Vonstallin

    Thinking about it…
    Are there any guys into PETA? I’ve only seen women.
    Maybe the goal is to get guys who wouldn’t give PETA a second look into it. Also young women who have tendency to draw Men and women.

    Now if they start showing guys in bannana hammocks…
    I for one will never tune back in. lol

  • I’d pay a dollar to see her eat the hotdog.

  • Agree with TaylorStreetMan.
    But – I would love to know where that delightful skirt came from. What fun as beachwear.

  • I enjoy this picture! The girl in the foreground is quite attractive… But does anyone else thing that the girl in the background isn’t *quite* playboy material?

  • Normally, I wouldn’t eat lettuce…

  • @Mal:
    Yes, she fails to entice… also, she looks like she’s had some bad plastic surgery (failed collagen in the lips, methinks).

  • This is exactly why I support Compassion Over Killing instead.

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