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  • love it. Wish is were in MTP.

  • Love this place. Great wood fired Pizza, nice beer selections. Good wings and basic salads too. There isn’t much else on the menu. So if you don’t want Pizza, wings, or salad consider somewhere else.
    I’ve never seen a line for ping-pong. There are some competetive players there for sure.

  • For those who remember, the sign on the building belonged to the Comet Liquor store in Adams Morgan, which was a nice booze store cum deli owned by a couple for decades. In fact, Comet ping pong was named because they were able to acquire this sign. I wanted to give a shout-out to the old Comet Liquor.

    • I haven’t been here, but I’m glad they were able to save Comet Deli’s old sign. I miss the old Comet a lot, rest in peace Sid and Bernice.

  • Love the pizza, love the space, James is an excellent and thoughtful host. Also worth the trip for the live music and DJs that they bring in.

  • Go for the pizza/ping pong, stay for the wings. The wings are phenomenal.

  • they have a smoked pizza… with bacon… mmmmmmm bacon…

  • The night I was there, there weren’t any ping pong tables. Also the pizza was too expensive.

  • Kalorini

    A fantastic place with interesting photos, crunch pizza, difficult-to-find bathrooms, and sweet one-handed ping pong (you need a free hand for your beer). Plus, its right near Politics and Prose!

  • I’ve only been there once, but generally had a pretty good experience. When my party arrived there was a bit of a wait for a table, and I really wish they would have allowed us to pre-order our pie so that it would have been ready when we were seated. Also the bathrooms were pretty dirty.

    As others have said, the pizza and beer selection are very good.

  • I’ve been a couple times before going to a reading at Politics and Prose. The pizza is very good. I’ll try the wings next time, I’m always looking for an excuse to go back.

  • I’m surprised at the love for the pizza. I’ve been twice and almost gagged at the pizza and wasn’t able to finish it. I like the ping pong concept though.

  • I agree with @voiceofreason. I haven’t been impressed with Comet for pizza or service. A lot of people rave, but my party of 4 regretted coming here instead of 2 Amy’s.

  • Their soft-shell crab pizza is the bomb!

  • Thumbs up for the ping pong and beer. I’ve always been underwhelmed by the pizza. Soggy crust and a soupy mess in the middle. Good flavors, but not great pizza.

  • I had a friend work her last winter (shes normally a farmer, but you know…things don’t grown in the snow…) the owner treated the kitchen staff like crap and would routinely “forget” to pay her and hope she didn’t notice. I refuse to eat here because of that it.

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