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Lighter Asian restaurant is located at 1400 I Street NW by McPherson Square. I was most intrigued by the signs – what is Bulgogi?:


And what is Bibim Bap?:


Any fans out there?

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  • I haven’t been to Lighter yet, but I love me some good Bulgogi! Adam Express makes a good one, as well as the hole-in-the-wall Korean place in the Florida/New York Market area. Any suggestions for other good places to get some good Bulgogi would be appreciated!

  • Never eaten at this place but I’m definitely a fan of Bibim Bap.

  • Bulgogi literally translates as “fire meat” and it’s fantastic. Marinated beef, slightly spicy. Love it and now miss my days teaching English in South Korea.

  • Korean dishes! If you don’t know, visit Ye Chon out in Annandale for some good Korean food.

  • For all those in the know… Adams Express on Mt. P – best Korean in the city.

  • I think this may have changed names since I used to work by McPherson, but while I like Korean food as a rule, I wasn’t a big fan of this place (which was mostly sushi at that point beyond bulgogi/bibim bap). It did have bubble tea downtown, though, which is something.

  • The sushi here is pretty good, but for Bibim Bap, your best bet is the little yellow wagon on the corner of 14th and L. Delicious, and a bargain at $7.

  • Go there all the time. It’s no Adam Express but it’s very convenient. I recommend the Sushi lunchbox which makes a very hearty meal for $10.

  • They only have the bulgogi and the bibimbap, but both are delicious. my coworkers and i try to go once a month. very filling, and if you ask nicely, they’ll give you the little veggie plates, too, for $1.

  • I like Adam Express, but the Korean place in the Florida Avenue Market has it beat. Of course, it keeps Mangialardo’s type hours (7am-3pm) so it remains a decently kept secret. Also, it’s not a bad idea to take someone who speaks Korean with you.

  • I work across the street from Lighter, but I’ve also been to the Florida Ave market, Adam express, and the Korean carts at 14th and L, and Vermont and K.

    IMHO, Lighter Cafe has the best bulgogi and bibimbap of the bunch. But I think it’s also the most expensive. They also get bonus points for serving kombucha (but that’s also expensive)!

  • Very good sushi place – love bulgogi…

  • Go to Mandu on 18th and S for the best bulgogi and bibim bap in the city.

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