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Georgia Brown’s is located at 950 15th St, NW. For some reason over Thanksgiving I got into a brief discussion on grits. I just assumed that Georgia Brown’s had the best in the city. To be honest I’ve only gone once for lunch but it was delicious. So what’s the best thing to get at Georgia Brown’s? How are the grits? Where else can you get the best grits in the city? You can see Georgia Brown’s menu here (with some sweet background music).

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  • Florida Avenue Grill has real grits—not tarted-up yuppie grits. But remember—grits are merely a vehicle for other fat-laden food and should never be eaten plain. They need at minimum a big hunk of butter and some salt and pepper. Better is to then crumble up a couple of pieces of bacon into them or some cut pieces of sausage.

    The tarted-up yuppie grits at Next Door are also quite good.

  • I LOVE the grits at Tonic, surprisingly. Quite tasty.

  • I’ve been very pleased with the grits at Busboys and Poets. Very basic, with just the right level of thickness and butteryness.

  • I’ve been very pleased with the grits at Busboys and Poets. Very basic, with just the right level of thickness and butteryness.

    That said, the Sunday brunch at Georgia Brown’s is INSANE. Tip: definitely get your entree to go, b/c you will be so full from the buffet that you cannot then eat the entree.

  • I just ate there on Thanksgiving…GB is great food, but I have to say they used to be better. You can’t beat their fried chicken.

  • being a yankee, as many times as i have had grits, i still don’t get them. i had shrimp n’ grits at a wedding in charleston, sc once and that was the only time i ever had them and thought they were pretty good.

  • @Anonymous 12:31
    Grits are best when dressed up like Anonymous (12:15) describes. Love the bacon idea!
    I once dated a northern girl who absolutely refused to eat grits, despite me reassuring her that it was merely ground corn… her loss.
    Note to northern cooks: salt and pepper are not the only spices on the shelf! Loosen up a bit!

  • Johnny’s Half Shell has excellent grits!

  • I do adore Georgia Browns grits. They would appear to be best sort of “tarted up yuppie grits” – made with copious amounts of butter and cream. When making grits, I usually try a bit of cheese and/or red-eye gravy, but it ain’t the same as just lots and lots of butter and cream.

  • As a southerner, I think Georgia Brown’s is only okay. I absolutely love the jalapeno cheese grits at Eatonville. They come with a tomato butter sauce when you order the catfish entree. I could eat a houseful.

  • Wilson’s on V has good grits and, unlike those at Florida Avenue Grill, they won’t make your pants explode. Much.

    At Georgia Browns, you might say their secret ingredient is “SALT.”

  • Highlands Grill in 16th St Heights has amazing grits!

  • Cashion’s has really delicious cheese grits. Yuppified, perhaps, but delicious. They’re stoneground (is that what you call it) so not the gloppy white kind, and good cheese.

  • Definitely yuppified (or something), but the shrimp and grits at Founding Farmers is excellent.

  • Another entry in the “Tarted-up Yuppie Grits” category – Acadiana. Just wonderful.

  • Tarted up Yuppie Grits — Great description! Have to say nothing beats the grits Mom used to make

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love grits with serious amounts of butter and salt, but does anyone like sweet grits with honey or sugar? Or, you can throw in some maple syrup and crumbled bacon for the perfect mix of sweet and salty… delish.

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