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I just recently noticed this pop up on Fuller Street off 15th near the Girard Park. I guess I never noticed the pop up before because it’s a bit set back. All things considered, would you give this pop up a thumbs up or down?

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  • I remember when this was on the market as a cheap shell. So no surprise it is now undergoing a tacky flip. Popups need to either be modern or try to maintain some historical integirty. these vinyl sided tumors are just aweful.

  • gosh that is awful! This must currently not be in a historic district.

  • The worst pop-up in DC is the one on a rowhouse on first block of P St NE. Everytime I look at it I wonder how such a hideous thing got approved – you hear “historic this and historic that” and then to see such blatant architectural nightmares is just inconceivable

  • If I was a neighbor I would exercise my right to oppose. Isn’t there supposed to be a public hearing and/or sign-off by neighbors on pop-ups in order for construction to begin?

  • Hell no! It’s awful and someone should climb up there and tear it down when the owners are out of town.

  • is that a light up on top so the planes wont hit it?

  • @EPF, neighbors can’t oppose or stop if the pop-up is allowable by right under zoning. By DC Code, if the pop-up is going to be built on the property line, then the popper has to notify the adjoining owner by certified mail. Not get permission; just notify. Notification is supposed to allow the neighbor an opportunity to see the plans and document their building conditions before construction starts. That way there’s a record of “before” conditions in the event there’s a claim about damage to property due to construction.

    Neither, the neighbors, nor the ANC, can stop by-right pop-ups.

    That said, this is typically hideous, like almost every pop-up and lowers the property value of nearby houses. Not many people want to live near a mess like that.

  • Well I guess they fell like they “added value” by adding square feet. And while I am certain that some fool will buy it (there is after all a fool born every minute), I would hazard a guess that most will drive by because there is nothing nice about the front of that place with that eye-sore on top.

    Whoever did this obviously is one of those flippers who got into the flipping market during the boom when crappy additions and cheap renovations would sell despite the crappy additions and cheap renovations. ‘Cause if they were a professional, they would know that screwing up with the drive-by appeal is a sure way to take a loss (or at least loss some of the profit).

  • I surprised by the 100% negative comments. Sure it’s ugly and horrible, BUT it’s one of the least offensive pop ups I’ve seen in DC- it’s set back from the street, AND it’s the same color as the brick. Most are much worse than this. There should be a website decvoted to fugly illegal third story additions.

  • I agree with Tom A. – there are definitely worse out there. One on New Hampshire Ave south of Petworth comes to mind. Maybe this site can start a regular posting “PoP Up or Down” to judge pop-ups in the city.

  • I attest to fugly squared

  • Oh come on that is awful. Can anyone really defend that with a straight face. Give me a break.

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