Judging New Buildings


I’ve been monitoring the progress of this new building on the 2600 block of 15th Street, NW (north of Fuller) for a number of months. Looks like it’ll be condos/apartments. And it finally looks ready to judge… Do you like the color of the brick? The building overall?


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  • I’m amazed at that whole wall with no windows! Talk about cave-like! It must be pretty dismal in there. Could you ever *not* have your lights on, even on a sunny summer day?

    What would it have hurt to punch out a couple of windows there? Oh, yes… the holy profit margin. I remember now.

  • Haven’t we talked about how windows have to be 3ft away from the property line… or something like that?

  • I very much like the fact that it is urban infill on a wonderfully urban street!

  • except for the parking lot right next to it of course…

  • NO! It blocks my view!!!!! I was watching the them build and that put that sucker up fast. It was all framed with lumber so I suspect the walls are going to be pretty thin. The building across the street was selling 1bdrms starting at $314,000 so I suspect they will go for something similar, probably even more. We’ll see….

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