Judging New Buildings


It’s been a while since we’ve judged a new building. I guess the economy and all… But I passed this one on 5th Street, NW just south of P. It looks like there are still some finishing touches going on but overall would you give it a thumbs up or down?

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  • lordscarlet

    This is new? And they couldn’t spend more then $3.50 on window coverings?

    I think it would have looked better if they didn’t try to work in the old construction — the modern, gray exterior looks odd against the peach brick work.

  • I believe the existing rowhouse on this site collapsed a few years ago a while the building was being renovated. Its commendable that the current developer was able to do something that respects the scale and rhythm of the adjoining townhouses. Thumbs up.

  • the reality of the situation is that it is far more costly to emulate old construction than it is to do something that eminates the scale, platitudes of old construction. so, there you have it. yeah, they could have gone with the old ideal, but likely the materials will make the housing somewhat more affordable and “greener” than existing neighbors.

    they did a pretty good job, and i personally like the diversity of the architecture.

    why do people in dc want to keep everything “the same”? and i particularly hate it when it’s transplants from suburbanite states that get all wrought up about not replacing what existed before.

    *that* is kind of lame.

    i like the pad, and wish that more vacant properties were infilled with the same thought and care, AND MODERNIZATION as this one.

    c’mon folks. we’re not in ohio, illinois, oklahoma, or alabama anymore.

    think forward!

    thanks in advance!

    • lordscarlet

      I don’t know if this was in reference to me (it very well may not have been), but I wanted to clarify that I would have preferred it be all the “grey” part and none of the brickwork.

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