Interested in a PoP Blood Drive?

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“Dear PoP,

I just go back from donating blood at Children’s hospital. They told me they need to organize blood drives for the 22nd, 23rd and 29th of December. If you can get 15-20 people to agree to donate blood, they can send a blood mobile out to a designated location and do a blood drive.

How about a PoP blood drive. I bet you have a lot of readers who are not leaving town. Might be cool to do in in conjunction with a local restaurant (Pete’s? CommonWealth?) at lunch time. It could also be a book or toy drive for Children’s.”

If I can get 20 people to commit I’ll happily coordinate. If you’d like to donat please mention which day (22, 23, or 29) works for you and where you’d like to have it set up.

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  • Nice seeing such thoughts of giving. What a great site.

    How about a PoP caroling event starting at Grant Circle too!

    and of course PoP toys for tots

  • I’d be able to donate on 12/29, but not at lunchtime! I work out in NoVa and live in PoP-ish-town. Maybe an early morning til afternoon thing? Or afternoon til evening?

    I also know INOVA blood services does donation drives at the JCC on 16th St sometimes..

    Hope you’re able to organize something 🙂

  • I’ll sign up for a blood donation….

    Work in the burbs so 9-5 doesn’t work…
    Probably a bad idea to make this an evening bar event…

  • I could donate on the 29th. I would say choose a spot centrally located, like Columbia Heights.

    Also, thanks for sharing the address for recovering soldiers. I will definitely be sending something there.

  • Oh and I agree that it should be an after work thing, since I too work in the burbs.

  • Do NOT send cards to “a recovering American soldier” c/o Walter Reed.

  • Great idea – I’m self employed, so never get to donate at work drives. Could do any day, though I’m thinking the 29 would be better for most people as the days before Christmas can be very busy with last minute prep. family, parties etc.

    I like the idea of having it in conjunction with a happy hour at a local restaurant – you probably get an extra good buzz when a pint low!

  • I second the caroling option. This is a tradition that has sadly gone out of style.

  • Third the caroling option 🙂 Although I can’t sing, I can just mumble softly along!

  • maybe have it at a joint that will donate a small snack to the donors? y’know, how they give you a little cookie or something to eat after you give so you don’t keel over!
    Then a pint or two!
    I’d be up for it if it were after work.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I can donate after work. Any of those days are good for me.

  • I am unable to donate this month, as it’s too close to my last donation, but I think this would be a great regular thing. I would certainly attend any PoP donation events in the future.

  • I think I will be back by the 29th. Also, would be willing to make some cookies for the event it for some reason I won’t be able to do it. I could hand them off to someone.

  • I can/will donate the 22nd or 23rd. Not sure if we’ll still be in town the 29th.

  • Forgot to add that 6 or so is good. During the work day I’m not in the neighborhood.

  • Count me in! 22nd works best since I will be leaving town for the holidays 🙂

  • saf

    It’s a great idea.

    Sadly, I am currently ineligible, and the attachment does apherisis donation, so neither of us can participate.

    But a number of years ago, my life was saved by donated blood. So was my little brother’s. We are both forever grateful when those who can donate do.

  • I would love to give but the FDA which regulates the nation’s collection of blood and blood products has barred from donating blood any man who has had sexual contact with another man since 1977. Over 30 years later the medical and scientific landscape has changed, but the policy remains.

  • Anonymous is right–the stupid outdated rule regarding MSM prohibits a lot of people from donating.

  • I could do the 22nd or 23rd if it were in the evening–great idea to whoever proposed it!

  • I am working all of those days, also am not sure of the requirements (among others, live/travel in the UK, any prior cancer, etc)

  • Great idea! I’ll be around the 22nd and 23rd, but out of town the 29th. Afternoon or evening probably would be best, too.

  • Great idea – I’m within the window of time I can donate blood (travels to malaria endemic countries is a limitation).

    The 22nd or the 29th – and how about a pint for a pint? Give blood, get a free (or reduced cost) pint at a neighborhood tavern?

    How about Colombia Heights plaza – blood drive and caroling?

    captcha = coroners hear

  • i’m in great idea! the columbia heights plaza is a great locale. i can do the 22 or 23 but it would have to be in evening, say from 6 to 8.

  • @bogfrog, here are the Red Cross eligibility requirements for blood donations:

  • evening of the 29th would be great!

  • I’ll donate and I can do all three days. Live in Petworth, work downtown, so I can pretty much do anywhere in between.

  • do people still follow the guidelines when giving blood? does the red cross test every donation for STDs? i feel like i should give blood despite the rules not to accept from someone with my history, because in the end it benefits someone… but also i feel like i should take a stand against the discrimination by not participating. thoughts?

  • Was this ever scheduled? I am still willing to donate! I meet the requirements, so I like to donate as often as allowed.

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