In Times Like These…


I don’t know if this is meant to be humorous or serious advice. Sad times indeed…though it did initially make me chuckle.

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  • You can absolutely find good stuff by dumpster diving! I’ve found kilogram – kilogram – bricks of dark chocolate, fresh fruit, entire loaves of still warm bread, brand new clothes with tags still on, and full bottles of good liquor.

    Grocery stores have to toss stuff upon receipt of new stuff with later expiration dates. So, in effect, they throw out loads of excellent, high quality stuff that has yet to expire simply because they have newer stuff they need to stock.

    I make six figures now and consider myself to be successful, but there is no question that dumpster diving got me through many years of need. One day I will teach my daughter how to do it so that she knows what she is doing should she need to rely on it.

    America is an incredibly wasteful society, and dumpsters are often the most illustrative example of that.

    PoP: I don’t blame you for feeling the way you did, but I find this picture to be incredibly hopeful and optimistic. Thanks for posting it!

  • Vonstallin

    Well shit…good to know.
    I’ve been trying to figure a way to save some money.

    On a serious note.

    When i was 16 I work at McDonalds after school and Internships at Smithsonian. I work the graveyard shift 5:30pm to 2am on 13th and New York Ave. We would toss soooo much food it wasn’t funny. I would litteraly load up 2 trash bags of left over stuff.

    I started driving around at 2am when I got off and giving it to homeless dudes. (and i used the rest for lunch) My boss gave me a shit storm when he found out. He said it’s tax violation because they get a write off for tossing it and if im giving it away its fraud.

    i say all this because if it wasn’t for this, stores could have shelters drive up and collect stuff thats past due, but good. Alot of times i grab meat with 1 day left b4 they have to toss it in the discount section.

  • Dumpster diving is one of the best ways to meet good, hardworking folk. I’m the best dumpster diver this side of the Mississippi and God knows I dive all over town. The other day I found a wedding dress and a bowling bowl in one can, and I think I was happier than a pig with wings.

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