In the Spirit of the Season


I don’t walk this far north on Connecticut Ave (in Van Ness) that often anymore but this past weekend it reminded me of one of the nicest things a stranger ever did for me. Back in the day I bought an oddly out of place rattan chair at Pier 1. It was gigantic and couldn’t fit in my car. So my girlfriend (at the time) drove the car home and I was walking down Connecticut Ave toward the Zoo with a huge chair balanced on my head. A random stranger pulls over in an SUV (a woman in her 40s and asked me if I needed some help). We put the chair in the back and she drove me all the way home. It remains the most random act of kindness I’ve personally experienced.

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  • Whenever it is this cold out, and I happen to be driving, I always want to pull up to a bus stop and offer to take some poor cold person to the Metro. I never do, though, because I’m sure they’d be thinking “stranger danger!” even though I am female, 5’4″ and non threatening in any way shape or form.

    There was a homeless guy that used to stay on a bench near my old apartment though. The building served coffee and donuts in the morning, so I at least brought him a warm drink and a donut every morning with a friendly greeting. I was sad when he passed away.

  • Vonstallin

    LOL, thats a good story…
    I see people carrying strange stuff like 3 people carrying a couch for a few blocks (never saw where they went with it)…

    But this story would have made me chuckle.
    If i was in my pickup truck I would have done the same and offered to help.

  • um did you mean your girlfriend or your “girlfriend” ? : )

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