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  • Problem is, those Rod Lavers are mesh for breathability, which also means the water will rush right through the mesh too…

    I do have to say though that my Rod Lavers (the unfortunately impossible to now find perforated leather ones) absolutely grip the ice like glue. it is uncanny. The ice will sometimes stick to the shoe to the point of becoming unstuck to whatever it was previously resting on. The water still pours right through the perforations though, so slushy puddles are no fun.

  • My gf uses a variation of this. She uses the plastic bags that the WaPo comes in and put them on over her socks before putting on her sneakers. Then pulls them up over her pant legs like legwarmers.

    It’s really genius – and works fabulously.

  • Emmaleigh504

    So thankful that I spent that one misguided year up in SoDak so I have snow boots. They only come out a few times a year, but they are wonderful.

  • Just having moved to the District from Atlanta, I didn’t have snow boots this weekend either. Like the person in the picture, I just put on two pairs of socks, stuck each foot into a CVS bag, and then put on my running shoes. Even though the shoes were mesh, My feet didn’t feel cold or wet after spending four hours hiking around the city. This is definitely the way to go for all the cheapskates out there.

  • My mom did this to me years ago, but used sandwich bags. This was when my feet fit in sandwich bags.
    Now in a few weeks it’ll cost $0.05 per foot to do this (I’m actually happy about that), or I could just pick up the ones off the sidewalk in front of my house.

  • Vonstallin

    man…this is what all us cool kids wore in the 70’s and 80’s.

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