Huge Fire on 1300 Block of Oak Street Sat. Night

Fire 003

Wow, these pictures are crazy. Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Cops say it was vacant, but they evacuated several other houses. Lots of people with little kids.”

What a terrible sight. Hopefully the fire didn’t spread too far.

Fire 011

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  • I just went to check it out, and met one of the tenants. It destroyed three row houses. It started with the center building, which the tenant stated was being renovated. It was nothing short of devastating.

  • The houses on either side were damaged– we could see water coming through the ceilings. The fire totally gutted the middle house, which was vacant. There were no injuries.

  • The fire got really big around 2 AM, when it burned through the top of the roof. The flames were really high, 20 ft at least. There were firemen on the roofs of the other houses, trying to get the flames down, but they had to draw back a few times. For a while, it looked like the fire would catch the neighboring houses, but they got it down around 2:30. Well done, FD DC!

  • So sad. The one in the middle of the tree where the fire started is a total loss, but it was vacant. The ones on either side of it have significant damage. Glad there were no injuries-

  • Middle of the three, not tree 🙂

  • I heard this evening that one firefighter was injured, not life-threatening. It must have happened after the main action; I didn’t see any ambulance activity while I was out there. I also read that the FD had 90 guys out there!

    This was a great reminder about why we mustn’t park on the wrong side of the no-parking signs at the corners, even knowing that we’re unlikely to get a ticket for it. Seeing a full-sized engine trying to make the turn from a very narrow street (Holmead) onto another very narrow street (Oak) made me glad I don’t take that risk. They need that space to make the turn.

  • anyone have an idea of the address?

  • crack heads always get into these houses and start makeshift fires or fall asleep with lit cigarettes and end up burning these homes down. Happened about 5 years ago in my block and it also destroyed about 3 homes. What an unfortunate story.

  • Any official word on the cause?

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