How I Know When I’m Lost


Some times I start my walks with a route in my mind and sometimes I have no idea where I’m going. I’m always excited when I stumble on a street I’ve never heard of (like the one pictured above). This weekend’s walkabout shot me out on Piney Branch Road and though I saw some amazing houses, you really shouldn’t walk on Piney Branch Road through Rock Creek, it is not meant for pedestrians and is terrifying on foot…

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  • It’s terrifying on a bike too. Something about that road just begs a driver to hit the gas pedal.

  • Are you sure it was not Broad Branch?

  • A question I’ve had for a while: how do most people pronounce that street name?

    I know two people who live on it and they pronounce it two different ways…

  • i say Lynn ian.

  • Vonstallin

    I noticed that alot of POP’s post have been close to Connetticut Ave and those regions so Im sure its Broad Branch. He could have started on Piney branch then hit Beach Drive and ended up on Linnean st. Broad Branch isn’t people friendly (at least the section that borders Rock Creek), But id give my left nut to live over there. Im pretty sure all the houses are in the 7 figure range or close to it.

  • I knew someone who lives around there. The area had been called Hannukah Heights for a while, due to the demographic back in the day. The house I visited is amazing, with a fabulous view of the park from an upstairs window. Yes, even the unrenovated houses with their 1950s kitchens, must be in the 7 figure range. I drive through there all the time, as my cut through to west of the park areas, Brandywine or Albemarle up to Connecticut.

  • Lin·ne·an \lə-ˈnē-ən, -ˈnā-; ˈli-nē-\

    –or, go to and click on the link to hear it pronounced.

  • If the street has three syllables and starts with an L and I walk a block up and the street has three syllables and starts with a M,N or O than I know I’m headed north. If the street has three syllables and starts with a I, J, or K I know I’m headed south.

  • I LOVE the houses on Linnean. I go up there often.

  • \lynnian\–emphasis placed on the \lynn\ and not the \ian\. Lived up there for 2 years…

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