House (School) of the Day


Well it’s not a house anymore. It is now Tots Development School located on the 1300 block of Shepherd Street, NW. We looked it at once way back in the day but I wanted to show a proper photo of the building (at the time I only had a crappy cell phone pic). This is the spot where Fenty once sent his children. But back to the building itself, it really is beautiful. It is also striking because it is in a block of regular residential row houses.

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  • Tots!! Yeah, it hasn’t been a “house” for years as I am 27 and went to nursery school there. I remember thinking it was pretty big as a kid. It has an addition in the back that has black top play deck on the roof… There’s also a playground in the back. They defintely made good use of the space for the school

  • The house is okay, but I’m coveting that fence and gate!

  • Ditto to BC. Tots was the best growing up. I went to school there for seven years. The school was like the closet in The Chronicles of Narnia. You’d never expect how much more there was behind the door. It was an absolute wonderland. Love you Mrs. Davenport!!

  • right… hasn’t been just a house for looooong long time. i am 28, went to TOTS, and i know people who are well into their 30s that also went there. Lambs bluebirds rabbits eagles graders, alllllll go to TOTS SCHOOL! =)
    RIP Mrs Davenport =*(

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