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  • I have no idea what the specifics of this hit and run were. But 16th really sucks. It moves way to fast for a city avenue. The city at one point was floating pedestrian improvements for that stretch of it but they were shelved because residents in 16th street heights feared they wouldnt be able to get downtown as fast or something like that. There is a lot of foot traffic between MTP and Columbia Heights these days and its about time some traffic calming measures were put into place so 16th stops functioning as a highway. Again I don’t know the particulars here but given the driver fled the scene I think we can draw our own conclusions.

  • this is horrible, absolutely horrible.

  • Anyone know the latest? WJLA is saying that the car was a white cadillac and the car was found.

    On Jan. 16, 2007 an H8 bus killed Claudia Gonzalez as she crossed Park Road at 16th St. There was an outcry after that and changes were made to the intersection. It looks like, this time, the car was just blowing through a red light. Totally sucks. I cross that intersection all the time.

  • Terrible. I initially thought this was at 14th and Park, which is in definite need of street-light/pedestrian improvements. Certaintly, traffic on 16th Street is a lot faster, but if the driver ran a red light and failed to stop, as WJLA indicates, it’s pretty much all the driver to blame.

  • 16th Street traffic is not very fast south of Arkansas Avenue. It’s only one lane each way because parking is allowed except during rush hour, and there are lots of traffic lights and traffic.

    This is terrible. At 1 AM there is light traffic, and it sounds like the driver is totally responsible. But I don’t really find crossing 16th Street around there especially difficult compared to many other places (like 14th and Park which is a complex confusing intersection).

    You can’t blame the street configuration for accidents like this. If someone was speeding late at night and blew threw a light, well, nothing could really have prevented that.

  • So sad 🙁 I wish police would crack down more on reckless driving in the city. It’s absurd that people think they don’t have to follow the rules because they are in a car.

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