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“Dear PoP,

My dog Peat escaped from my backyard Friday. I haven’t received a call about him and won’t because his name tag came off in the escape. His name is Peat. He is a malamute/husky mix, about 75 pounds, and very friendly. If someone has seen him or knows where he is they can email me at [email protected] I’ve attached his picture (he normally looks much happier).”

Update: Dog has been found!

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  • What area was he last seen in?

  • was going to ask the same thing. I saw a loose dog walked north on 6th st nw between rhode island and s t. was not able to track that dog down unfortunately, by the time the light changed. this was around midnite friday

  • Emmaleigh504

    Cute puppy; I hope he makes it home safe and soon.

  • Is he holding a Mr. Hanky (the Christmas Poo) plush toy in his mouth? 😉

  • Prince Of Petworth

    UPDATE: Dog was found by animal control.

  • He approached an animal control officer saturday morning. In Anacostia. Based on the 6th/RI Ave posting, it seems that Peat wandered from Petworth to Anacostia. The question remains, how on earth did he cross the river.

  • From Petworth to Anacostia? Is there any evidence he was dognapped?

  • Hey, this happened in Little House on the Prairie – they totally thought the dog had been left behind when they forded the river, but he swam!

    Dogs are smart. And good swimmers. Glad you found this one.

  • No matter how good this guy can swim, there’s no way he swam across the Anacostia in early December. Obviously he took the Green Line.

  • Hopefully a well meaning person saw him and took him in, then got home and mom through the pup out or something. If he was snatched by dog fighters he’d be feed by now.

  • houseintherear

    Love it. And where do I get a Mr. Hanky toy for my dog?!

  • Mr. Hanky and all other south park characters are available on ebay. A swim across the river is entirely possible. He routinely jumps in rock creek when there is ice and snow on the creek.

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