H Street, NE Shuttle Service to Stop due to lack of Funding?

Zooming around H Street
Photo by PoPville flickr user mediaslave

On Friday DCist reported that the H Street, NE shuttle was to cease operations on Sunday:

“The popular free shuttle that serves the up and coming H Street NE corridor will be forced to cease operation on Sunday, Dec. 6, thanks to its funding from the city having dried up.”

However, on twitter this morning Ward-6 Council Member Tommy Wells wrote:

“Just spoke with the Mayor re H street shuttle. Very promising.”

I just rode the shuttle for the first time a couple of weeks ago and found it very convenient. What do you guys think – should the shuttle be saved? Should it continue to be free? Should the city pay for it?

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  • I hope the shuttle comes back and it is free! My trips to H Street rose dramatically once the shuttle service began and I’m sure it will drop now that the shuttle has ceased operations. It definitely helps bring business to that area so let’s hope it comes back!

  • saf

    X buses run to H St NE.

  • I just rode it for the first time this weekend and it was great! I am so sad that this stopped. My bus was packed (it is a small bus but all the seats were filled) and knowing how convenient it was I was ready to use it during the week. Bring it back! I wouldn’t even mind paying $1 or 50 cents like the U street shuttle to use it.

  • I don’t get why DC should fund this rather than the shuttle users and businesses on H St., both of which are the sole beneficiaries. As another poster noted, the X2 runs along H St. It’s a notoriously inefficient line, but if ridership warrants, the X2 could expand to more buses and more frequent pickups. Otherwise, I have no problem with the H St. business owners funding this program, and recouping at least some of their expenses via fees.

  • Is the shuttle more convenient than the normal bus or is the main appeal really to avoid riding the metro bus with dangerous minorities?

  • Yeah, seems like people could take the bus that already goes there. Why do we need a special shuttle?

  • Kill it. The 90s take you straight to 8th+H from Adams Morgen through MtP-U St-Bloomingdale, and the X2 mimics the same route as the shuttle. Seems like a waste just to bring people scurred of bus folks to the cooltown.

  • I actually didnt realize it was still running. Whenever I ask people about it they dont know I’ve never used it. Is it perhaps faster than the bus?

  • anon,
    what do you mean the x2 is inefficient?

    i think the intent of the shuttle was to have a free and branded means to get people from more crowded areas and transit to go drinking on h. they get on and it drops them off in front of the bars.

    didnt it run to union station also, when it first started.

    face it, the metro bus is not what people think of right away. the maps are hard to read.. the time tables are whack. most people that go out at night in dc don’t take the bus. yes, you do. i do. but we alone can’t sustain the business along h. people need simplicity. and bars need their money.

  • yes, it should continue to be free.

    no, the city should not pay for it.

    how would that work?

    i don’t know, you tell me.

  • One guy owns most of the bars on H st…

  • I’ve used the shuttle many times and it’s a clean, fast, and convenient alternative to the Metro options. However, I think it should be paid for by the beneficiaries of H street. A BID (business improvement district), if thre is an H St. BID, would be the ideal funding source for this.

  • in general, we need fish taco options on H and throughout this city. it’s as if people just don’t care!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Post reports the Shuttle will restart Dec. 21st:

    “The free H Street Shuttle, which was suspended Sunday because of a loss in funding, will resume service by Dec. 21, according to a spokeswoman for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.”


  • And miss the delightful cultural experience that is the X bus late at night? Never!

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