Great New Barber (and Tues. Special) on Connecticut Ave.


From time to time I get asked recommendations for good barbers in town. I recently stumbled upon this newish spot on the 3000 block of Connecticut Ave right across from the Zoo. While I’d like to think they gave me a pretty good hair cut what was best for me was the special they have every Tuesday – $10 haircuts! I haven’t had a haircut for $10 since the 80s.

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  • my other half has very nice hair.
    since moving here, he’s been to 3 different barbers and has either had butcher jobs or overpaid.

    would this be a trustworthy place for someone who is very particular?
    or can someone recommend a solid old-school barber?
    does that exist in dc?

  • Did you get your hair colored again?

  • I went here 2 weeks ago… the people were nice but wasn’t that great of a cut. The lady cutting had a little bit of a tough time understanding what I wanted, but when she finally did she still insisted on her way (cutting it shorter when I wanted it long)

  • Nice haircut PoP. Did you win a free bowl of soup with the cut? But hey, it looks great on you:-)

  • What was in that spot before the barber shop?

    • There was a beauty salon in that space before the barber shop. Now the barber shop has not been open for business for at least a couple weeks.

  • clearly you didn’t live in a small town in the 90s…(reference to the haircut price)

  • I like Alex’s on Mt. Pleasant Street. Only 14 bucks, too.

  • RE: Old Skool Barbers

    I’d check out Diego’s in Dupont Circle. Diego is an older Italian man and cuts are $15.00-$20.00 for men, every day of the week. There is always 1950s music playing and the hair cuts are anything but trendy. Enjoy.

  • THANK YOU Kevin!

  • also in Dupont and $20: Roberto at Tigani Salon.

    the salon is just around the corner from my office, so i stepped in one day. I’ve got really hard hair to cut (calicks and such), but he spent nearly an hour getting it right. very nice guy, too, and he’s lived in Columbia Heights since the 80s!

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