Good Deal or Not? Well, It’s Under Contract but I’m Still Curious What you Think Edition


This home is located at 1901 12th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This cottage on the corner is a gem inside & outside with wrap around yard w/ room to garden, entertain & park 2 cars. Inside is a contemporary, open floorplan w/ light wood floors throughout. Renovated between 2000-2006: roof, stucco, slab, HVAC, elec, windows, baths, kitchen & floors. End unit: wonderful light from 3 exposures. 1 block to U St. and Metro.”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

Well, I generally don’t like to show homes under contract but this one, I think, is particularly awesome. What do you think of the home itself? While the location is fantastic, I am curious what you think about the price since it is only a 2 bed/1.5 bath going for $645,000.

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  • It seems to be worth it. The location and big green backyard may make up for the lack of a basement. The renocation looks quite professional from the photos.

  • Looks lovely. But let’s be honest, it is definitely only for a very well off single, or DINK couple. . .
    (. . . says the lady with two kids who wonders where the hell she’d fit the playroom in a house like this)

  • This is my friends house! Sorry to see her move, but words cannot express what this place looked like when she bought it back in 2000…she had to do a total gut job… (and some of us friends were the gutters in the early days).

  • No bathtub? This means no kids and no dogs…but with that yard I want to buy this place anyway for me and my dog.

  • The phrase that comes to mind is “five-dollar collar on a three-dollar dog”. Sure, the finishes appear to be high-end, but the house itself is so blah. The yard has zero privacy, though there is a lot of it. Why no privacy fence? Why no attempt to pretty up the front?

    Other pet peeve violations: front door opens straight into the living room. Big no. Living room open to dining room open to kitchen. Combine two spaces if you must, but not all three.

    Realtor owes buyer a penalty for not knowing how to re-size pictures, and for repeated mis-use of “cathedral ceilings”.

    This place rubs me in all the wrong ways.

  • Wow! It’s worth it. The interior is beautiful.

  • Ya definitely fit for a couple (or single), but with out kids.

  • Looks like you get a double lot for that price, but they couldn’t spring for a nicer fence? Chain link is so… so… sad.

  • lordscarlet

    My wife and I went to the open house. The living room was miniscule. The dining room was smaller. The kitchen was minute. The second bedroom would be lucky to fit a double bed. The master bedroom was a good size and the yard is an amazingly sized clean slate.

    Having said all that, it was probably priced well (particularly because it sold in about three days). For me, however, it just didn’t have enough house to live in. You’re really buying this property for the lot. If you can put an addition to the side (I have no idea how DC regulations are on this) you could do a lot with it. As it is, there’s just really not much to work with.

  • WDC said: Other pet peeve violations: front door opens straight into the living room. Big no.

    Violation of what?

  • I believe the side strip belongs to the government though you get to use it. Hence no privacy fence.

  • Bad Deal, even for the location.

  • Violation of common sense and the most basic principles of energy efficiency. Bet the temp of the whole first floor drops noticeably every time the front door opens. Holiday open houses would SUCK.

  • jburka

    “This means no kids and no dogs.”

    I’m sure that will come as a surprise and disappointment to the big (and rather sweet) dog, Samson, who’s been living there for years!

    The price seems fairly high to me (as someone who’s walked my own dog past this house every day for many years), but don’t underestimate the amount of greenspace on the side and at the back of the house.

    “Why no attempt to pretty up the front?” Actually, the front, side, and back have all been re-landscaped in the past couple of months.

    But, as has been pointed out, if it got a contract after three days, the price had to be about right.

  • Am I the only one who noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a dishwasher in the kitchen?

  • PFL – there is no dishwasher in the kitchen (i went to the open house and def noticed).

    must have been an ok deal to go so quickly, but this place was fairly small and some of the renovation choices didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me (i.e. no dishwasher, overly large bathroom not attached to master bedroom, separate laundry room w/ side-by-side washing machine/dryer – in a place that small, you should stack them in a closet! – while the 2nd bedroom/office was then super-small). good potential in the yard, though, and will clearly make somebody happy!

  • Better to buy a really nice 2bd room condo for $450-550k than to blow almost $650k on what is essentially the same thing. It’s okay, but not worth the money.

  • Anonymous – 4:41

    By the time you add condo fees / parking (if not included) you are probably going to pay close to the same amount for the condo. The house with that yard can accommodate a well planned and tasteful addition

  • …unless of course Thor is correct and the greenspace is not part of your lot and belongs to DC gov.

    What would an unrenovated 2br house sell for in a 4-5 block radius? 575k?

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