Good Deal or Not? Under $300k Renovation – Reader Request

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This home is located at 128 Longfellow Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“This is a Freddie Mac Foreclosure! Stunning Renovation! Hardwood Floors, Top of the Line Stainless Steel Appliances. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths & Main level Powder room. Granite Countertops. All New fixtures/crown molding. Skylight in Master Bath. New Berber Carpet in Fully Finished Walkout Level Basement. Fully Fenced Backyard with Off street Parking. New Deck off kitchen.”

You can find more info and photos here.

What do you think of the renovation itself? The reader who sent this one in (who lives nearby) was surprised in the price drop from $358,800 to $280,000. I wish the pictures showed all 5 bedrooms. Nevertheless, do you think $280,000 sounds reasonable for this 5 bed/3.5 bath?

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  • The location sucks, but the house is very nice for that price.

  • Neener- Why does the local suck?

  • Seems kinda boring. Agree, the location sucks. It’s not close to anything. But then again, it’s a big house in NW for under $300K. I wish they hadn’t paved the entire backyard.

  • I think it’s a great deal, and with a price like that you could afford to make some changes if the renovation isn’t to your liking. Yes, it’s not close to metro, but it would be a very short drive to either Takoma Park or downtown Silver Spring.

  • Looks like it is just under a mile to the Fort Totten Metro. Closer than Takoma or SS.

  • I’m not into the location either, maybe not the worst area, but certainly not great. I wouldn’t be looking for housing there as it doesn’t have any neighborhood amenities that I want. That said, if the location does appeal to you, or is at least acceptable, then I think this may be a fairly good deal. It’s a lot of house for the money inside the city.

  • top of the line appliances = Wolf, Subzero, or Viking, not the mismatched Home Depot stainless steel clearance items in this place.

  • The location is not grand for me, but if I worked in Silver Spring or College Park, I would consider it.

    So funny it sold for so much back in 2006. Makes me laugh, even though it has caused Us so much grief.

  • Good deal. As close to any amenities as any other NE Petworth houses, and less than a mile to the Ft. Totten metro. Renovation is so-so; that closet in the middle of the living room (at least I hope it’s a closet and not a powder room) was a horrible idea; it makes the living area almost too narrow to use. and I’d have to jack-hammer all that concrete out back if it were mine.

  • I don’t like the crimeyness of Kennedy St, Ft Totten, etc. That’s probably changed in the last 2-3 years but… I tend to look at that area like, why live there instead of Silver Spring or Takoma Pk, MD? So close to Northeast? but the price is outstanding for 2009.

  • We live on this street, and absolutely love it. Packages get delivered and don’t get stolen. The neighbors say hello. Kids can play in the street with no issues (one ways on either side help to slow traffic). It’s a 15 minute walk to Ft. Totten or 2 minute bus ride if you’re feeling lazy. Great park a block away. We sleep with our windows open in spring and fall and don’t get woken up by drunk people or gun shots. Great for a family or a couple thinking of having a family one day.

  • I realize it’s closest to Ft. Totten, but my comment about Silver Spring and Takoma Park wasn’t so much the metro but the restaurants, shops, farmer’s market, etc. Even though those amenities aren’t in walking distance they are a very short drive away.

    I think if you could afford a $400K house or condo you could live in a more walkable neighborhood, but for $280K I think this house would be a great deal for a person/couple who are having trouble finding something affordable, but really want to be in a rowhouse. Most houses at that price would be in really bad shape and this one looks good. So, a deal 🙂

  • Ft Totten is actually not that crimey…at least on the east side of North Cap.

  • don’t love the reno, myself. but it’s a great deal, no doubt about that.

  • Are you kidding?? 280 for that? Sweet. That is the best deal I have seen around these parts. 15-min walk to the metro aint that bad folks.

  • The area around the Ft Totten Metro is the new Petworth –it’s where smart folks who don’t have Dupont-sized down payments are buying. Nice to be close to the red line… and if developers’ plans for Ft Totten are realized (eateries, condos, children’s museum) it’ll be a hell of a great investment.

  • Priced to sell quickly it seems.

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