Good Deal or Not? Mt. Pleasant Reader Request


This house is located at 1720 Newton Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Striking quality renov of sunny 1904 Vict TH into 21st century beauty! Soaring ceilings, big low-e wood windows, exposed nat brick, gorg oak flrs & stairs, huge granite/SS chef’s kitchen, Pakistani marble baths. All new from studs out. More closets, kitchen counter & cabinet space than most houses! Elegant marble hallway leads to parking (included). Best of Mt Pleasant!”

You can find more info on Unit A here and more info on Unit B here and a virtual tour on Unit A here and a virtual tour on Unit B here.

The reader writes:

“Just wanted to let you know that there’s 2 units for sale in a rowhouse on Newton St NW between 18th St. and Mt. Pleasant Rd, right across from Bancroft Elementary. I used to live a couple doors down and saw construction going on for a year….totally gutted the building.”

I am a sucker for exposed brick but these do look pretty nice to me. I’m thinking they might be priced a bit on the high side since they are both only 2 bedrooms. What do you guys think of the renovation? Unit A is going for $625,000 and Unit B is going for $649,000. Sound reasonable?

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  • I am going to say overpriced. I am basing this on the fact that the Argyle Buildings 2 bed 2 baths are going for 420,000. Granted they are small and don’t have parking but the finishes are the same and the building has a roof deck.

  • Surprised that there’s such a small price difference between the two units — Unit A’s owner will be sleeping in a basement, while Unit B’s will have a turret room for a master bedroom. Unit B already has a sale pending.

  • The tour of unit A was extremely helpful as I also have a long open floorplan and been thinking about extending the wood floor into the kitchen but concerned that it would look like a bowling alley. Now I know – it does! I’m back to the idea of linoleum (real linoleum – organic stuff, not vinyl) has anyone done this?

  • I’d say overpriced, especially for unit A. More that $600k to sleep in a basement? uh, no.
    I can see why someone already bought Unit B. It seems much nicer. But you could probably get one of the smaller rowhouses in Mt P for the same price, plus outdoor space.

    Also, the school is right across the street and is not pretty and ridiculously brightly lit all night. Not what I’d want to see out my bay windows.

  • I thought it was overpriced as well, but I do think it is a nice reno with good finishes. I think this one has a roof deck too. I know there was a 3br/3ba townhouse unit, all above ground, a couple blocks down on Brown St and it was going for about 700k- I think I’d spring for that instead. The neighborhood is darling though overpriced.

  • The upstairs unit is nice. both floors above ground and no upstairs neighbor, so it should feel like you are in your own rowhouse. with the downstairs, you’re sleeping in the basement and are constantly reminded you’re in the chopped up bottom of a rowhouse.

    i think using the surplus granite as a backsplash is a little tacky.

  • Why does it cost so much to live around White People? Whachall got going on over there?

  • LOL @ FoxyBrown. Not much going on over here worth those prices.

    They are both over priced from what I can tell.

  • it’s not even that white of a hood, right? (white defined as non-hispanic white). MtP seems like a great place to live but i don’t see the premium people pay to live there over similar neighborhoods to the east. it is not downtown and it is not by the metro, which both demand a big premium in dc.

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