Good Deal or Not? “Move in Ready” Edition (Reader Request)

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Ed. Note: In the google street view above the house is the gray one.

This home is located at 1207 6th Street, NE:

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The flier says:

“4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and a 1 BR with 1 Full Bath basement “In-law suite”. Kitchen and bathrooms recently updated. Hardwood flooring throughout. Currently a rooming house. This home is Move-in ready! 3 blocks to New York Avenue metro and revitalization on H ST. Move in Ready”

More info and photos found here.

The reader writes:

“Some odd things about it – Rooming House? Natural Gas Cooling? – and recently the price was drastically lowered.
Since we’re not really in the market for a home, we haven’t gone to see it – but thought some of your readers might have, and that it could be an interesting post.”

Wow that is a huge price cut. It was originally going for $499,000 but is now on the market for $299,000. What do you think of the house? Does $299,000 sound reasonable? Anyone check it out in person?

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  • those are the oddest (worst) pix ever. why would you take a photo of 3 dirty, closed curtains? where was the rest of the house?

  • Sixth Street NE north of H Street is fairly sketchy, especially as you approach Florida. Lots of teddy-bear memorials have sprouted up on the lampposts over the years. But if the house is in anywhere near good shape, $299K for a 4-br 2-ba with an in-law suite is pretty sweet.

  • My question as well. No photos of the bedroom(s)?

  • Plus, you’re right near a piece of D.C. history: Rayful Edmonds’s infamous open-air drug market was on nearby Orleans Place NE.

  • This *is* the house. Houses are very shallow in that area.

    If it’s a rooming house, it’s an income property. If they are selling it for 300K, there’s a reason. It probably doesn’t carry itself at 300K/may need work/etc. So this is too expensive as a income property.

    To live in, it’s hard to say. This is a pretty crappy area. Drive by shooting a month ago, lots of drug dealing, and my friend was mugged at gut point a few blocks East about 2 months ago (which is a common
    occurrence here).

    A very similar house that needed some extra work about 1/2 block away sold for 185K last month.

    Basically, in this area a lot of people are trying to cash out their investments. They bought these places for 100k-130k a few years back and now that H Street is in the midst of it’s own real estate bubble investors are trying to cash out.

  • Location, location, location. $299 might not be far off, but I think the agent is on several points. This is a WORLD away from “revitalization on H ST”. Try walking that one nite and see.

    And ANY tenant-occupied home, especially a group home and especially! in this area, is going to need work. It will be the kind of work that is a time bomb, unknown until it goes off because of the, most likely, years of neglect. (Tenants don’t care for homes like owners do.) Add that to the drastic price drop and I’d have to wonder what they know.

    And as always, check That will tell you a bit as well.

    If ur looking for a $299 property, I think there are much better options out there.

  • It’d be nice if the people saying one should check out before considering this house would heed their own advice. Columbia Heights, Petworth, and other high-price areas have far higher rates of robberies, burglaries, thefts, and other violent crime.

  • I think the H Street area isn’t quite turning around and becoming the next Adams Morgan as quickly as a lot of early investors thought it would, so the prices of these places are coming back down to earth. Unfortunately, the area appears to be destined for poverty and crime for quite a while longer, and the economy certainly isn’t helping matters much.

  • Also, the real reason for the low price is likely a short sell, as noted in the listing.

  • Not a bad deal – but what they don’t tell you is that because of the shape of the block your house basically faces a very ugly and busy part of Florida Ave . . . so if you can live with that – I guess it is a good deal?

  • At least there’s a gas station down the block, so you can pick up a bag of Rap Snacks if you need a quick snack.

  • At least there’s a gas station down the block, so you can pick up a bag of Rap Snacks if you need a quick snack.

  • TT:

    Those places you list have higher crime rates because they are much more populated.

  • 6th St NE is *very* busy and has a lot of traffic. Anyone looking around here to fulfill their “townhouse in DC” dream should look elsewhere.

  • H Street really is the dividing line. South of H Street, houses are flying off the market. North of H Street, not so much.

  • If it’s a short sale, keep in mind that there’s no reason to believe the 299 price would actually be accepted by the bank. This drastic price reduction may just be to try to get a buyer and hope against hope that the bank will get desperate and accept the price. So whether or not it’s worth 299, don’t get caught up into thinking that price is anything more than the invention of a seller on the verge of foreclsoure.

  • I remember looking at a house on Orleans Place around the corner for $415K only three years ago. My, how times have changed. We looked at a lot of places north of H and decided it was overpriced. You could get the same house for the same price south of H, with fewer boarded-up, vacant places in between.

    Lots of teddy-bear memorials have sprouted up on the lampposts over the years.

    That’s because a child was killed by a speeding car on 6th St NE. That’s why there is an arbitrary stop sign at Orleans.

  • Ugh, some of you Petworth/CH people need to look up and realize there are other livable parts of the city with growth potential.

    Besides, I wouldn’t think this house would benefit that much from the H Street businesses, though it is within easy driving distance (yes, some people actually drive to H Street).

    Look a little deeper and you’ll see that the real potential value is its proximity to all the promised NOMA development. Within a year, it will be a few blocks away from a new Harris Teeter, a series of new shops and restaurants slated to fill the ground floor of all the office buildings between Union Station and NY/FL Ave Metro including the recent shopping strip by the new Marriott, and will be across the street from the planned Florida Avenue Market development (though this project has sort of flat-lined, I am confident it will happen).

    Add that to the fact that it is a three block walk to the Florida Ave Metro and accessible to several cross-town bus routes.

    A savvy investor who is willing to live in this place for a few years while renting the basement could see some return. Or, you could rent the whole house and basement (it’s right across the street from Gallaudet so you have a built-in clientele).

    With that being said, I’m not sure I would pay $299K. I would try to offer about $240 and see if I could get it.

    And to the person who suggested the price is a farce, I bought a totally livable 2 BR/2 BA house south of H as a short-sale for less than $150K. Good deals are out there. I might just visit this place.

  • Hmmmm….natural gas cooling…I actually read that you can now get heat pumps that are powered by things other than electric, including natural gas for both heating & cooling functions (but I can’t see how it would make sense in DC?)

    If it’s tenant-occupied, it can be a big pain to get the tenants out, so unless you have the cash (b/c you can easily go beyond your rate lock) this might not be so good. Even if the tenants sign the form that says they don’t want to buy it, if they decide to stay it can take a year just to evict them before you’d be able to complete the purchase.

  • North of H Street is not that sketchy. I live about a block away and for the most part, i almost always feel very safe. Like anywhere in DC, you need to be aware of your surroundings. A house on the corner of 6th and L St NE recently sold for around $740,000, so it just depends on the amenities of the particular property.

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