Good Deal or Not? “light-filled modern city house” Edition


This house is located at 525 U Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Move right into this light-filled modern city house built in 2001, on quiet, quaint street in charming historic LeDroit Park. Super location just off U Street Corridor, just minutes to U ST Metro. Off street parking (and tons of street parking), fenced backyard, storage shed and patio. Huge kitchen and living/dining room.”

More info and photos found here.

I really like the location of this house but I was a bit underwhelmed by some of the photos on the listing. What do you think of the house itself? Do you think $549,000 sounds reasonable for this 3 bed/2.5 bath row house?

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  • Where are the pictures of the bedrooms? Yeah, looks a little drab. They may need to stage some furniture or art work in this place.

  • It just looks like the cheapest materials possible were used in every way in putting this house together. That would make me a little nervous as a potential buyer, seeing as how it’s a newer construction and hasn’t “stood the test of time.” Also, I can imagine it would be annoying to have the hospital loading dock in your backyard.

    The front of the house looks cute, and the floors look nice, but the charm stops there.

  • I agree that the front of the house is very appealing. However, I expect a decent number of people buy houses in the area both because they’re cheaper and because they have some history to them. The fact that this was built in 2001 and doesn’t appear to have any charm inside would make me thinks it’s really overpriced.

    That sweet looking house on the corner of U and 4th right down the street was cheaper than this I think.

  • Bicycles in kitchen, despite having a big back yard with a lockable, shed means neighborhood crime. If crime wasn’t a worry, the bikes would be kept in the backyard or shed.

  • wow. I was quite underwhelmed after looking at the pix. I agree with CHP in that the front of the house is unique, but the inside is dreadful. The floors are nice, but the kitchen and bathrooms look like they were taken from houses built in the 1980s. blech!

  • Also, living this close to a hospital could potentially expose you to the risks associated with coming in contact with medical waste.

  • I looked at one of these houses during the home search that landed me in Petworth. The houses look promising and charming from the outside, but once inside they are disappointing and totally bland. I think they were built as affordable housing and the builders cheaped out on the inside. Still, they have central air and are new and solid compared to a lot of fixer-uppers out there. I think they would be OK for someone willing to commit to some cosmetic upgrades. The price is low for relatively new construction. Still, I decided I’d rather have a house with some charm that needed some work…

  • I viewed this house with my agent. It was then listed at a laughable $575,000. The floors are indeed the only nice part about this house. Everything else is made of the absolute cheapest quality. The kitchen, complete with laminated floor, needs a total renovation to make the house anywhere near the current asking price of $549,000. The living room/dining room is a nice open space. All three rooms upstairs are quite small, including the master bedroom. The two full bathrooms upstairs are quite small and again made of the cheapest materials. Contrary to the earlier comments on this posting, the best part about this house is its location. If you can ignore the fact that the Howard hospital is in your backyard (the master bedroom is on the front of the house, reducing the noise from late night ambulances), the surrounding neighborhoods of Shaw and Ledroit Park are awesome. In addition, this house is a short walk from the Shaw/Howard metro. I think this house is not a good deal at $549,000, and would only become a good deal if it was priced between $475,000 and $500,000.

  • I think when people request stainless steel kitchens they don’t mean on the bikes.

  • I swear I’ve seen this listing before within the last year. It was unrenovated and around 200K. Redfin doesn’t match my memory. Not sure why…

  • Looks like a shitty office. I’d rather live in a home in SE that has character.

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