Good Deal or Not? “DC elegance at its best!” Edition


This condo is located at 1929 1st Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“DC elegance at its best! Live, work and play in DC’s hottest neighborhoods. All the amenities. Granite Counter tops, stainless appliances, washer & dryer! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to live in style.”

You can find more info and photos here.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Bloomingdale neighborhood. This is one of the first condos that I’ve stumbled upon in the neighborhood. Do you think $324,000 sounds reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath? Interestingly there is also a 1 bed/1 bath on a lower floor going $299,900. But I’m most interested in what you guys think of the 2 bed/2 bath.

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  • I like the unit and the location, but judging by the strange angles the photographer took, it looks like it is really small. I would say if it is atleast 800 SF then its a good deal. Less than that, then it probably needs a price adjustment.

  • I think they need a new set of photos. Can’t tell much about the space from the ones on the website.

  • It’s small – less than 800 sq ft, but it might be a decent deal. The 1 br (which is 476 sq ft), though, not even close. I can’t see how that’s worth more than $250k.

  • They need better pics, can’t tell much about the space from those provided. looks kinda nice, maybe 15% overpriced, just from the numbers and neighborhood.

  • Who can tell if its a good deal or not with these horrible pictures. Would it be too much to ask them to photo the entire room instead of little bits of it.

  • Those pictures are advertising that bedroom set (I assume the mattress, the wall candle holders, and the side cabinet are already sold as they are removed from the next picture), the painting above the toiler, and the ceramic and stainless steel bathroom items. Maybe it’s just me, but $324,000 seems a bit high for those items.

  • Nicely updated small kitchen, nice tub. 2 BR 2 bath in 750 sq. ft? That’s pretty small. And no FP, no patio. But it will probably sell.

  • $324,000 sounds more than reasonable for this tiny unit, considering the many great bars and restaurants in the neighborhood, and the excellent Metro accessibility.

  • Incompetence just annoys the hell out of me. There is no reason for such a bad presentation. The realtor should be tarred and feathered.

  • I think it’s a great price for a 2BR for the location, but I disagree with the anonymous commenter about the “excellent” Metro accessibility. The seven blocks to Shaw-Howard are longer than you’d think. The bars and restaurants are also a perk but I wouldn’t call them “in the neighborhood.” Don’t get me wrong, none of these amenities are far and it’s a pretty central location, but it’s not as though you’re directly in the thick of things. I say this as a Bloomingdale resident who loves the neighborhood for these reasons which is why I think the asking price is fair.

  • um, i think the commenter was being sarcastic cady.

  • Vonstallin

    Just outside the trilogy of Terror….

  • my 1 br/1 bath is 750 sq ft, 800 sq ft is very small for 2br/2 baths. And yeah, the pictures suck. I don’t think it’s worth the price.

  • Also RedFin says the place is a short sale so I have no idea why it’s priced that high for that size/location.

  • Also Redfin says the place is a short sale so I have no idea why it’s priced that high for that size/location

  • Just J, it says it is 750 sf

  • U Street Girl: because the owner got a loan/refi when it was assessed at some insane price a few years ago, and now they are under water big time.

  • It’s about five blocks to the red line NY Ave station. Cady’s post cracked me up too, but the location is actually more Metro accessible than, say, Glover Park. Given the size, I heartily agree it’s overpriced, but it’s seconds away from Big Bear, Yoga District and the soon to open– we hope!– Baraki.

  • to U:

    i thought the same thing…and it looks like the stuff is an ikea bedroom set. definitely not worth the price.

    maybe before realtors get their license they should take a basic photography class!

    also not a fan of the light granite.

  • @ Beulah: How do you figure 5 blocks? By my counts it’s more like 11.

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