Good Deal or Not? Another Mini “historic rowhouse” Edition


This home is located at 1416 T Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Very Lovely historic rowhouse with deep yard and basement located in the U Street Corridor. Spacious living and dining rooms, beautiful hardwood floors, exposed brick, cozy fireplace and modern kitchen all leading to private patio and one car parking. Above are two bedrooms and two baths with claw tub and Mexican tile, washer and dryer.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I don’t know what it is about these mini row houses but I always seem to be attracted to them. The location on this one is pretty killer. What do you think of the home itself? Does $719,000 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • It’s a shame that they robbed this house of most of its original details. Though the facade is beautiful, and the location is top notch. I guess it seems about the right cost for the neighborhood . . .

  • Very cute, but the rugs, and what a$$ painted the interior and exterior trim? I’d take off $100,000 for that alone.

  • I’d maybe pay 250K for it. That’s about it. Anyone who pays more well… …would just be dumb. You can get a better deal in Woodridge, Brookland, Deanwood, or Mount Rainer.

  • Wow… way over priced. There is no way to justify that, it not even a nice house. Exposed brick does not equal modern or nice.

  • Crappy, tiny house. Only because of location should it bring over $400k, but i think it is more than $150,000 overpriced.

  • I think it is likely priced about right, given it’s location. The info says that it has a basement (although there are none in the pictures). If that’s true, this is actually a bit of a bargain.

  • It was FSBO for about a month. ONe right down the block just sold, also FSBO if I recall. Not sure for how much but the smallish, needs work houses on Swann and T go for high 600s I think. I love the yards on this street. THere is one house closer to 15th (on T, same side) with a really beautiful zen-type garden. But a lot of these owners have done cool things with their yards. It’s a nice street.

  • That is one of my favorite blocks in DC, and that confirms the notion that I will never be able to afford to live there! It’s tiny, but so are most of the other houses in that stretch (the ones set back from the street at least). And “only because of it’s location should it bring more than $400,000”?! Um, yes, because the unimproved land itself is worth almost that!!

  • it’s a great location but anyone who pay $700+ for that place is a sucker.

  • Whoa, I thought this place would be 500k at the most.

    My only conclusions in that I am never going to be able to afford property in DC anyway, and even if I could, I’d never want to pay the crazy property taxes anyway.

  • Terrible. In so many ways. Paint. Kitchen. Terrible. That exposed brick looks dirty and terrible.

  • Prop taxes are lower than VA and MD is used as primary residence. It’s the sales price that gets ya! So, why hasn’t anyone commented on the crappy kitchen yet? It’ clearly not a $750K kitchen.

  • $700K – Did the owner slip into the past about 5 years or what? OMG – Can someone say GREEDY!

    There are very few buildings that small in the city worth that kind of money.

    It is just ignorant to think, “given its location,” that this seller can even consider this price… But worse yet would be the idiot to pay that.

    Give me a break. Only fools and sub-prime holders would go there and look what that brought us to.

  • Dear Real Estate Agents:

    If you describe a house as “historic” please provide details on what makes the house “historic.” Exposed brick, tiny rooms and garish exterior paint does not make a house “historic.”


    Your Neighbor Herb

    p.s. and this house is overpriced by about 75K.

  • What a ludicrous price tag. I’m with Frankie, this is a bad flashback.

  • Wow that “Modern” kitchen was amazing. What was that counter made of? Was it that new fangled Formica I’ve been hearing so much about?

    The exterior paint job is ugly as is the trim in the master bedroom.

  • As a point of comparison, 1432 T sold recently for $812,500. It’s somewhat bigger and significantly nicer.

  • City appraises it at $585K. Polished as it is, $600K should be the absolute ceiling in a bidding war.

    “Historic” should only be used if it’s in a historic district. This one is. It’s in the U Street HD. That has a significant bearing on additions and exterior materials. This listing does not make that clear. It should be stated explicitly that it’s in a historic district.

  • I thought I had misread the price. Are you kidding? The kitchen counters are awful and the whole interior needs repainting. The exposed brick looks like someone’s idea of hip was in 1995. (they were wrong then, too). I truly am baffled at this price. You could get more and better, and truly histroic, house for less money in Old Town Alexandria.

  • I think for some houses, it would be far more appealing for me to just buy it with an already gutted, demo’d kitchen.

  • Typical GDON reaction from really ill-informed posters, who devalue a house by hundreds of thousands because they don’t like the paint or the kitchen counters and ignore the location.

  • houseintherear

    Oh lordy. Come on people, we’re talking about T St between 14th and 15th- this is pretty dead on, or just a tad overpriced. Those who say otherwise are oblivious to this city’s real estate market.

    And Dead Presidents, do a little research: prop taxes here are insanely low, relatively speaking. Take a look at Baltimore city as a comparison.


  • 1213 T Street is fully renovated and under contract at $849,000. Location, location…

  • Looks like it is priced about right to me…my guess is that it will settle within 25K of the asking price.

    Just because YOU wouldn’t (or can’t afford to) pay the asking price does not mean this isn’t priced appropriately.

    The house is in a very desirable location and the interior, while in need of some minor cosmetic updates, is perfectly fine.

    The hard truth is that if you want to own a home in this neighborhood, there really are few options, and all are expensive.

  • Of course its overpriced, much of DC is overpriced. My 1500 sq ft home in DC is worth more than my dads 5000 sq ft home. His is in the midwest though, so is literally worthless at present. Welcome to DC. Based on the comps in the area, this is a fair price though it may come down (or go up) a little.

  • So the website Brownstoner, which covers Brooklyn real estate and development, does a House of the Day feature that is pretty similar to PoP’s GDON. They’ve got a widget that let’s people submit their own appraisal, and then displays stats according to the submissions. See here for an example:

    I think it’d be really interesting to have one of these widgets for PoP’s GDON, given the miriad of low ball estimates that always pop up. I know that the reader appraisals from Brownstoner’s widget are generally lower than the eventual sales price by like $100k+. But, I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement something like this here.

    • That is really cool to be able to see a graph of peoples’ predictions, and would awesome to have here.

      Also, those comments are pretty much the exact same things we say here- it’s eerie. They’re our pod people.

  • Sigh. Once again DC House Flippers it is NOT 2005 anymore! This tiny place is $250K over priced. A cheap low rent renovation does not even remotely justify the ridiculous asking price.

  • That’s disgusting. If you are trying to get $700k for a tiny 2 br place, at least spend a couple dollars to get it ready for sale.

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