Good Deal or Not? 100 Year Old Mini Row House Edition


This home is located at 1322 8th Street, NW:

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The flier says:


You can find more info and photos here.

I think this is a good looking little house but I am a bit surprised at the asking price. Do you think $548,000 sounds reasonable for this 2 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • No way, They need to knock 200,000 off the place. It is right in front of a highrise park where the kids and runners deal drugs.

  • Horrible deal. Even for the location, that house is to small to even get close to that price.needs to be 150k less.

  • Something appears very, very wrong in that picture. Is the building on the left swallowing up the house for sale? is the lower-level roofline breaking off from the house?

  • Crappy location, too.

  • $500 is their dream price with a dumb buyer. $450 gets them back to Planet Reality. Too much interior work and lost site of what the neighborhood could carry. They overflipped it.

  • I have to say that I agree with the posters on here. -200k at least. It is a only a 2-BR and the kitchen does not even look as though it has had any major upgrades. Not that they are the ‘end all be all’ but for the price I would expect that the counters tops be granite with more counter space as well.

  • Crappy. It’s so far back in the lot, it looks like the only time you’d get any sun is noon – and then, only certain times of year.

    On the plus side, with the house sitting so far back in its own lil’ alcove, there’s plenty of hidden spots for neighborhood drunks to pee in and crack heads to make their purchases.

  • Agree with the commenters who say there are some scary dudes hanging out on that block. Also, no pics of bedrooms? I actually don’t think they over-flipped because I see no evidence of said flip. Lots of over-imagining in the price, though… I guess it sells for $350-$400k.

  • Great yard….maybe not the best location today, but anywhere near a metro is a good start but…

    The developer should be hung by his fingernails. The exterior is horrific, the tavertine tile is ugly as sin, the double gate thing looks stupid, the vinyl front door screams suburbia, and the lack of a parking pad and roof deck are major oversights. The ‘kitchen remodel is cheap at best. I assume because there are no pictures of the bedrooms that these are going to be equally as bad.

    If the visible work is this cheap and it’s being sold ‘as is’ then you can bet that they didn’t do the behind the walls work right.

    This house should come with the listing “sucker’s only”.

  • It is WAY overpriced. That kitchen is a travesty.

  • Overpriced, so not a good deal. But before looking at the photos, I really expected something much worse from reading these comments.

  • That kitchen is a mess, I wouldn’t rent that place, let alone buy and $500K in that area with that small of space?! Come on!

  • Um my jaw dropped at that price. $550K? Really? My old landlord sold the condo I used to rent (2BR 2 bath, across the street from U street metro – fab location, safe, totally updated, spacious, gorgeous) for $450K. How the hell did this crap house get listed at this price? Ridiculously overpriced.

  • Just to add to the travesty that is this listing, it would appear that it doesn’t have central air either.

  • As if a house that small could accommodate the big ductwork for AC. It will be window rattlers forever there. But, the house actually does get lots of light because it is staggered back further on the lot than its neighbors. And it is sporting a brand new electrical panelboard, proudly displayed close to the fireplace. But the formstone will forever doom it; it’s hopeless. Besides not picturing the bedrooms, not even a snap of the stairs?

  • I love how people call the kitchen a travesty and then the photos show a totally average flipped kitchen. How many of you actually own your own kitchen better than that one?

    The location is not worth $550, it’s east of 14th st people!

  • @Neener – My kitchen is better laid out that than, but even if it wasn’t I want to upgrade when I buy, not maintain!

  • Over 100 years old, big flippin’ deal. My house is 130 years old, and not worth more than $400K. From that location I could walk to work, so personally that would be a plus.

  • Another big blech on the formstone- is there any house that formstone looks good on?

  • The house could be worth 550k tomorrow if those projects were boarded up. It doesn’t matter if you drop the price to 350k. It is absolutely robbed of all value by the crime in the area.

    October and November were ridiculous. I’m beyond caring about the good folks that would be displaced.

  • I’d rather kill myself with a dull blade than live in that suffocated hovel. And whatsup with the faux stone facade? I thought this joint was 100+ years old.

  • Having nothing to do with whether or not this is a good deal, I wonder if the house could be extended to be flush (and architecturally compatible) with its neighbors?
    It doesn’t look very good, does it?

  • Neener:

    *Raises hand*

  • This place is dangerous? Really? Man, is there a lot of denial here today.

    In the past year:

    1388 8th NW (this GDoN): Violent Crime–102; Total Crime–452

    Owens Pl/Trinidad NE (Trinidad): Violent Crime–72; Total Crime–306

    14th/Kenyon NW (Target): Violent Crime–203; Total Crime–868
    3416 11th St NW (CH Coffee): Violent Crime–200; Total Crime–697
    3718 14th St NW (Red Derby): Violent Crime–175; Total Crime–467

    Not only is this GDoN safer than most reader’s own back yards, Trinidad is safter than Columbia Heights. Sure not all crimes are reported, but that is equally true for all neighborhoods so each crime stat is equally representative of actual crime.

    In light of these facts, I don’t think this 2BR for 550k is any more absurd than just about every CH property listing. I wonder how many people who have expressed such shock over this list price would knock 200k off the price of their own house.

  • “1388 8th NW (this GDoN): Violent Crime–102; Total Crime–452”

    And my block of Petworth Violent Crime-73; Total Crime-197. $450K will get you a renovated house double the size of this one.

    PS. 1700 block of P St in Dupont Circle – Violent Crime-101; Total Crime-762!!!

    pps. These totals are for a 1500ft radius over one year.

  • “And my block of Petworth Violent Crime-73; Total Crime-197. $450K will get you a renovated house double the size of this one.”

    and if you move to the counties you could double the size of even your house for far less money and be in an even safer neighborhood.

  • “Sure not all crimes are reported, but that is equally true for all neighborhoods so each crime stat is equally representative of actual crime.”

    This is absolutely NOT true. I’ve seen kids roll into local ER’s with gunshot or stab wounds refusing to say where the injury occurred, but I can say with 99% certainty that it wasn’t Cleveland Park. It’s very simple: more upstanding citizens with cell phones = more reported crime. Additionally, there are many good folks in high-crime neighborhoods who won’t report crime for fear of retribution and being labeled a snitch. Bottom line – the stats only tell part of the story.

  • Exactly Ontario.

  • “and if you move to the counties you could double the size of even your house for far less money and be in an even safer neighborhood.”

    all you are doing there is discounting your time and labor required to travel, by overephasizing price point and one type of safety over another type of safety.

    You are much most likely to be killed or injured in as a result of automobile accident, or heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. in the USA, and all these risks are magnified as a result of lack of exercise from walking if you live out in the suburbs. Also the time you waste traveling about the suburbs in a car or maintaining the car needs to be considered. Don’t make the mistake of discounting your time, location, and health for the sake of money, space, and security. The benefits of the former outweigh those of the latter.

    • lee,
      you missed the point that this post was about a house in shaw. then someone says, oh but you can get so much more if you move to petworth. yeah, no shit. i was just extending the faulty logic.

  • “Trinidad is safer than Columbia Heights.”

    Not even considering the issue of what percentage of crimes get reported in each of those neighborhoods, question for ya.

    How many people live in Columbia Heights?

    How many people live in Trinidad?

    How many people do you see walking around Trinidad on a given dark night, outside of a few blocks of H Street?

    When will people get that NUMBER OF CRIMES means nothing. It’s CRIME RATE that defines how safe a neighborhood is.

    The population and amount of foot traffic in Columbia Heights is not even in the same universe as Trinidad. If Columbia Heights had five times as many reported crimes as Trinidad it would still be safer.

  • hah yeah right they will never get that much for it.

  • @lee.watkins: +1

    The annual risk of dying in a car accident in a given year is about 1 in 7,000.

    The annual risk of a white person* dying in a homicide in DC is about one in 70,000. (More than 90% of homicide victims in DC are black).

    So if you drive an average amount – and probably, living in the burbs and commuting 25-50 miles a day would put you at or above average – you are ten times more likely to be killed in a car accident than you would be in a homicide if you rarely drive outside the city. (Almost all fatal car accidents occur on highways, it’s pretty hard to die in a car accident at 25-35 mph).

    * The point of adding race to this fact is that there is a very strong correlation between race and socioeconomic status in this city. Being black doesn’t make you more likely to be involved in violent crime, but most most people involved in violent crime are living in poverty and also black.

    I think it’s safe to say that most people involved in this discussion are probably not likely to be living in poverty and involved in a crime on a daily basis, whether or not you are white. So your risk of being killed in a homicide is far lower than the risk of being killed in a car accident, if you trade a city lifestyle for a driving one, and all other things are equal.

  • Ontarioroader – the idea that people in Petworth don’t call the police seems strange to me. The area has >80% home ownership and at the peak of the market 450 homes per year were selling…so that’s maybe 4,000 homes sold since the metro went in? Where did these people move from? Like me, a lot of them rented in Dupont, Adams Morgan, U St and Mt. Pleasant and moved east to buy their first homes. I was very wary my first couple months living in Petworth, not really knowing what to expect…now after 4 years here, I think one of the best kept secrets is that property crimes, the crimes you are most likely to be a victim of, are very low here.

    My experience matches the stats: my car was broken into 6 times in the 1.5 yrs I had it in Dupont Circle; I finally sold it after it sustained $2500 damages from being rear-ended while parked. My sister’s car got broken into 3 times in one year she lived there. I think for these 9 break-ins we called the police maybe the first 3 times. I think there could be a lot of under-reporting of property crime in Dupont Circle, actually…victim fatigue over calling the police over and over again without anything happening.

    My car (the next one) also got broken into once in Adams Morgan, once in Mt. Pleasant, and so far 0 times in Petworth, and I’ve lived here longer than I have in any other neighborhood in DC. We get packages delivered to our house with nothing getting stolen, have had no attempted break-ins at our house. There are maybe 2-3 muggings per year on my route home from the metro here, vs. 2-3 per week when I lived at Adams Mill & Ontario Rd. in Adams Morgan. I feel like my life is less impacted by crime here than anywhere I’ve lived in DC so far and it’s not what I expected when I moved here, but I have been happily surprised.

    • This is in Shaw not petworth. It’s right next to two section 8 housing projects. There used to be a third right around there, but it got shut down. Not before a cop was killed in the parking lot of it though.

  • Someone with a dog would love the yard but the kitchen is weak. Definitely a cheap-ass flip because they didn’t even try and give it a bit more counter space which it definitely needs if they think that price is what the house is worth. What’s interesting is that they spend more time on the front of the house which doesn’t need as many picture and have no pictures of the upstairs and the bathroom. To me this isn’t so much worrisome as much as telling. Sort of like a magician moving one hand so you don’t see what the other hand is doing.

  • I love how dumbass Jamie announces that being white in DC makes you safer. Is that supposed to make me feel warm and cozy inside? Am I now safe in my $1,200/month hovel from the swarthy savage because I’m white and Jamie implies black on black crime is for my own protection?

    The subtle hatred and lynch mob mentality of these PoP town meetings make me shudder.

  • @Rafael I love how dumbass people don’t read a comment before criticizing it. Actually I explicitly stated exactly the opposite:

    “Being black doesn’t make you more likely to be involved in violent crime”

    I have no idea what I said implies that “black on black crime is for your own protection” or why you see any subtle hatred of any kind in my post.

    The point of the post was that anyone’s risk, regardless of race, of being a homicide victim, is very low unless you are a person living in the socioeconomic situations in which most crime comes from. I was countering the argument of people who think they are safer living in the suburbs.

    That is why I went out of my way to explain the purpose of citing the statistic. I’m sorry if didn’t bother to read my whole comment or you can’t understand that.

  • Jamie, I agree with you and your point. People often pick where they live based on scary crime stories, but the odds of being a victim of one of these crimes is statistically very low. Even more so if in the great majority of crimes the killer and victim know each other.

    I think it makes the most sense if you are home shopping to focus on the safety of the walk from the metro and property crime, as well as scoping out if there is a drug nuisance property within a block–these are the things most likely to affect your quality of life in the neighborhood.

  • This neighborhood will not significantly improve until the O Street Market is completed and the Convention Hotel is built which will catalyst the rest of 9th Street from Mass Ave.

    Given that time frame of 5+ years; this house is still ugly and needs a tone of work — even after the work it still wouldn’t be worth over 600k after the neighborhood rejuvenates itself. The “bones of the house” as you would say are just not there.

  • PetworthRes- I think Petworth is probably quite accurate with respect to rate of reported crime vs reality. I should have been more clear in that I think the rates for Shaw and Trinidad are probably way off. I’ve lived in both neighborhoods and things that would have made the news had they occurred in Petworth or west of the park didn’t even get a police response – likely because no one called 911.

  • Wow. I hope they get it. Then when we cash in on our tiny rowhouse, it will ca-ching!

    Am I mistaken, or did they show no pix of the bedrooms? hmmmmm.

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