Gay Marriage Passes 1st Round of DC Council Vote

Dupont Circle marriage
Photo by PoPville flickr user Nestum23

DCist reports the good news:

“No big surprises in the first D.C. Council vote on legalizing same-sex marriage: the Council today voted 11-2 to approve the “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009,” with Marion Barry (D-Ward 8 ) and Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7) the only dissenters.”

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  • Good. Now onto the challenge of making it legal for statues to get married.

  • “Why can’t you marry?”
    Maybe cuz you’re a f-ing vandal, you piece of sh-t!
    Otherwise, I got no idea. I support it all the way. More power to you… just quite defacing our city.

  • All the council members are presently getting dolled up for their bit on CNN and other networks. Excitement is in the air! Not since the meaningless nationwide debate on the DC gun ban has a piece of legislation with virtually no practical influence on most DC residents gotten so much attention! Very exciting!

  • Geez, cynical much?

    I confess I haven’t been following this closely, but that’s great news!

    How many rounds of votes does it need to pass?

  • It needs to be voted on one more time (in about two weeks), get the mayor’s signature and then sit for 30 Congressional days, which means that it should be law in time for all those Valentine’s Day proposals and marriages…

  • Slippery slope. Pretty soon we’ll have men marrying turtles in our city. Glenn Beck said so.

  • @Pennywise- This may not seemingly impact you, but to my partner and I this is huge. We look forward to having full marraige equality and are proud to live in a city where our elected officials are willing to stand up for our rights.

  • Not sure why you all would want to be as miserable as the rest of us

  • Drewlove, look up meaning of “most”. I am supportive of your rights in toto. I just wish our government focused on issues for the good of the majority of the city. Regardless, I am glad the gay community in DC can flirt with 50%-90%++ divorce rates as other demographics do. Until congress overturns this of course within a month or two.

    Maybe next the council issue a resolution to ban nuclear weapons or something other “make a media point” policy. While kids get shot of course… Maybe they can sign these declarations with the blood of the downtrodden and disenfranchised masses. While feasting on entrails. And slouching towards Bethlehem.

  • Hey I’m excited about it and I’m not even gay. Good job DC Council! What’s not to like about this? Jeez. Be gay for a day.

  • FWIW, it’s an absolute pain in the ass for straight people to get a marriage license in DC unless you want to use an already-licensed official to perform the ceremony. My wife and I got married in MoCo for just this reason.

    From what I can tell, this law passing will do away with requirement.

  • It’s unconfirmed as of this afternoon, but I’m hearing a pretty good rumor that David Catania is going to marry Phil Mendelson live on CNN this evening, in celebration of the passing of this historic legislature.

  • @ people who oppose gay marriage because of the misguided believe that it somehow damages the sanctified institution of marriage: Why don’t you pass a law making divorce illegal?

    Seems like that would go much further in preserving the meaning of marriage.

  • Good day for DC!

  • houseintherear


    Unfortunately it looks like Barry is still a dick.

  • Anyone who can squeeze “the blood of the downtrodden and disenfranchised masses” And “slouching towards Bethlehem.” in one post ought to be whipped with his own entrails.

  • Aww c’mon, that was literary genius, on a blog scale of course…

  • Way to go DC council! This is a human rights issue. Period. Pennywise, this is a very important issue for people in same-sex relationships because of the significant legal implications that marriage has. While wealthier same-sex couples find it easy to pay the legal fees to establish the legal framework that opposite-sex married couples enjoy quite easily, middle-income same sex couples often do not have that luxury. There are too many implications here to list and too many examples of why this is a human rights issue. Bottom line is that I’m glad DC council has acted in this manner and I sincerely hope that the rest of the country follows.

  • woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo!! Race ya to the altar! Get me to the church on time!

  • This is good news for the DC economy. With the gay marriage bans in other states, the gay wedding industry in this city will be floating on air. What a bonus for city reception sites, caterers, bakers, tux & limo rentals, musicians, DJs, bartenders, strippers, ice sculptors, florists, spun sugar cake-topper makers…

  • P.S. Tip for straight couples dreading DC paperwork…consider getting your license in Talbot County in Maryland. The historic courthouse in Easton is pretty, the line non-existent, and there are multitudes of romantic B&Bs and places to have a waterside reception near St. Michaels. Another cute place might be the tiny courthouse in Little Washington, in beautiful Rappahannock County, Va.

  • @Pennywise- With your logic why should anyone care about shootings of kids since most of us don’t get shot and most of us aren’t kids? The council is also focused on things that effect everyone in the city as well as those that affect minorities. If government focused only on that which directly affect the majority we would be back 200 years.

    As for the viability of this legislation, the likelihood for Congress not to overturn it is better now than ever with healthcare and Afghanistan taking up their attention before the holiday recess it stands a good chance of standing.

  • Exciting! Keep up the good work!

  • TaylorStreetMan: To suggest “banning divorce” is to fail to understand what’s happened here. The legalization of divorce was one of the first steps, and this is one of the last, in the same process of taking marriage apart so that it has little or no meaning under the law.

    If marriage is legally just a longer-term sexual, co-habitative relationship, and widely viewed as unconnected to the rearing of well-adjusted children, then we’ve already so impoverished the concept that virtually no rationale remains for limiting it to opposite-sex couples. Or for legally recognizing it at all.

    Despite what happened in Maine, I view this as nearly inevitable over time.

  • To intractable: Have you ever had an extra slice of pork roast because it just tasted so darn good, or for that matter indulged in just one more crab claw? If so you HAVE SINNED! Were you wearing a mixed blend sweater or other article of clothing while indulging in that delicious meal? Then you HAVE SINNED! Have you ever tended to your garden on a Sunday? Did you curse at the fact that your mixed variety of different flowers weren’t growing the way you wanted in their shared garden bed. If so then you HAVE SINNED!

    It is so easy to cherry pick isn’t it.

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