FQoTD/Dear PoP – What to do in DC for New Year’s Eve Celebration?

Chinese New Year Celebration. Washington, DC. February 2009.
Photo by PoPville flickr user stuzehner

“Dear PoP,

The end of the year is nearing, and I’m wondering if your readers know of any good New Year’s Eve celebrations that won’t break the bank. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend $100 for an evening full of flat champagne and a bunch of drunk college kids. Any help/suggestions?”

I was going through my inbox to see what New Year’s emails I received when I saw this huge list put together by Washingtonian magazine. It is super comprehensive.

But since it’s that time of year I thought I’d include this as a Friday Question of the Day. First, what do you recommend is the best way to spend New Year’s Eve in DC? And second, possibly a bit more fun, what is your fondest New Year’s celebration memory in or out of DC?

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  • I’ll be out of town, but if I were in town, I’d definitely be at the 9:30 Club for Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. That sounds like an awesome way to ring in the new year.

    • Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! This show is going to be sweet! And I think tix are only $60, although maybe sold out at this point? Not sure…

  • I have a gig, playing in an acoustic blues duo in Annapolis. So I’ll be getting paid well to have fun and I’ll probably be home by 1:30.

  • fondest…Sailing on the Thames with a bunch of UCA cheerleaders dancing the night away in 1998.

    Last year I went to the Gaylord event, and got on stage with Mr. Greengenes; a fight broke out, and we were asked ot leave the stage. Yeah, I don’t really recall celebrating 2009 much 🙂

  • I’ve lived in DC for over 20 years and tried many different options for NYE. Every restaurant, hotel or bar party seems to be more disastoruous than the other. My friends call NYE in DC “amateur night” when it comes to drinking. The best way to spend it is to stay home and invite over a few close friends. You can pull the whole thing for less that $100 (depending on how many friends you invite) and have some great memories. Those NYE’s have been my fondest.

    • Drew is right. NYE in DC is amateur night and also near impossible to get a cab.

      • The cab thing.

        A couple of years ago P-Funk played DAR (about the only thing that could get me out of the house on New Years Eve) and when it let out, we decided to walk in the direction of Mt. Pleasant while looking for a cab. By the time we got to Adams-Morgan, we must have passed literally hundreds of people trying to get cabs.

        Do not under any circumstances undertake an activity that relies on a taxi to get you home.

        In fact, what you should do is go to sleep early, get up about 1AM and make a few bucks ferrying drunk, desperate suburbanites home.

        I’m thinking a few friends, an iced bottle of good vodka and some tasty domestic caviar (just for the hell of it) would work well.

  • It is definitely called amateur night everywhere, not just DC. Best to spend with friends, not at the bar.

  • a friend of mine throws an amazing dinner party on new years. small crowd of friends. lots and lots of wine. fantastic food.

    i’ve missed it a few times. a couple of NYE’s at the warehouse cafe and i went to the millennium celebration on the mall.

    but a chill night drinking with friends is really how i like to end and start my year.

  • saf

    My thoughts on best options
    1) Small dinner party at the house
    2) Kennedy Center
    3) Dinner, theater, dessert and champagne at home.

  • Either organize a small dinner party or go to Europe for a real NYE.

  • Went to the event at the marriot in woodley park and had a great time last year. Plenty of options and was actually over by 1am, which weeds out some of the wilder crowd.

  • Some of the hotels downtown (St Regis & Mayflower come to mind) run packages. You get a room, champage and tickets to the Kennedy center. Make a nice dinner reservation before the show and you’re all set. Did this one year it was great.

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