Former GDoN House at 11th and T Getting Renovated


We looked at this house almost exactly a year ago, it was white then, you can see it here. At the time it was going for $720,000 but Redfin says it sold for $590,000 on 5/8/09. Anyway I thought it was interesting how they removed all the paint and have repointed the brick. It’s starting to look really nice. I wonder if they’ll keep it natural brick or paint it. Do you like the white paint or natural red brick better?

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  • The house was just painted red today. Your photo above must be at least a day old 🙂

  • why would they clean all that brick and then repaint it??? Must be nice to have money to burn.

  • yeah, I kind of sighed when I rode by and saw it being painted.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I just heard from the owner. (The picture was taken this weekend) she said that the brick had to be painted because this particular type wasn’t meant to be exposed to the elements. I look forward to checking out how it looks now!

  • That brick from the photo looked pretty good.
    It could have been clear coated.
    It should not have been painted.

  • i read in this cool article once that there used to be five or six brickworks in dc ( you can still see the ruins of one along new york avenue at the arboretum.)
    seems that previous to gas-firing bricks, they were either wood fired or coal fired. wood fired bricks remained too porous to be left exposed. this is -roughly- pre 1885 or so.
    what they did was “paint the house in a brick dust mortar mixture. this gave the exact color of brick and gave a coating. you can tell these houses that still have them by the brick colored mortar.

    the coating had to be reapplied every so often, but it allowed the house to breathe, unlike modern synthetic paints.

    people seem to get all indignant when others paint brick, but i really like all the different colored brick houses in dc. makes it more special to me, and less like ye olde colonial type neighborhoods elsewhere in the country.

  • nobody,

    I’d be very interested in that article on old DC brick factories if you can remember where it was from.

    The problem with painting brick and mortar is not doing the prep work so that it will last (pressure wash with bleach and water to kill mold and mildew, two primer/sealer coats, and then two finish coats).

  • it was in the hill rag.
    maybe 7 years ago.
    wish i could be more help than that.
    i’d bet the people at fragers would know the content.

  • PoP, speaking of fixing up old houses, you must not have made it to the Logan Circle house tour or you would have said something by now.

  • I like the natural. With so many painted brick facades, it actually stands out. It has taken me time to get used to painted brick as I’m accustomed to the type of bricks that are multi-colored.

  • I live a block down from this house and the sales price is correct. Also, my theory on why they are now painting the brick is pretty simple. They performed the wrong process to remove the paint and have thus destroyed the face of the brick exposing it to the elements for deterioration. What they did is sand blasted this building which destroyed that protective face. Now there only option is to paint it and pray that they bricks will retain their integrity. Unfortunately the owners made a very poor decision or had a unqualified contractor trying to do brick restoration work. Quite unfortunate and I know as I had the paint removed from my house which is a very expensive, labor intensive chemical peel process.

  • I did a home inspection on this property for a potential buyer. In short, the place needed A LOT of work. In regards to the bricks, painting bricks of that age is usually a bad idea. Because the bricks were not fired at the temperature of modern bricks they have a high permeability. So a coat of paint causes moisture retention, which further deteriorates the brick.

  • 845sqft lot. Ouch. Unless the building is spilling over into a public easement (not unusual) then that is one heck of a small footprint.

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