Emergency Responders at the Woodner Apartment Building


From around 6:30pm Sunday evening a reader writes:

“While The Woodner on 16th Street gets frequent visits from the fire department, simply due to its sheer size, tonight’s call was a bit larger than usual. I counted at least eight fire trucks, plus accompanying ambulances, police, and rescue vehicles.

16th Street is currently roped off with police tape from Spring Rd to Oak. No access to Spring Place, Perry, Ogden, Otis, Hertford, and Center Streets. Buses are backed up on 16th Street with nowhere to go.”

Some may recall the Woodner from the apparent murder that took place in the beginning of November. Anyone know what happened tonight?

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  • From the DCFireEMS twitter feed:

    apt fire – 3636 16th St NW – 10story apt fire in walls – 4th floor – partial evacuation – no injuries reported

    update – 16th St NW – possible fire in walls – light smoke in bldg – DC F&EMS on scene – traffic congestion on 16th St

    update – 16th St NW – fire under control – fire on 4th fl – no extension – DC F&EMS on scene

  • As a resident of the woodner I cower in fear nightly. The thug saloon on the lobby level houses some of most dubious people one could come across. Surly, drunken, hairy men who leer at our women between rounds of tecate. Not to mention, the murder is still unsolved and I’m convinced the killer lurks within the building. I have a few months left on my lease but this modern day sodom may consume before then. Pray for me. Pleas.e

  • The problem with the woodner is that cheap rent allows for the degenerates of Petworth to live and ply their dark trades amongst hardworking citizens. Hooligans are constantly slinking around the lobby. I tire of long stares, rude comments in Spanish, racial heckling, break dancing and boom boxes blasting reggaeton. I once brought my girlfriend into my building and a man of Latino descent pinched her butt. I didn’t say anything because I was terrified. Woodner residents are known to carry knives.

  • If stories are true, that is too bad. Many people used the Woodner as a starting point in DC because of the reasonable cost, location and bus line down 16th Street. When I lived there (over 10 years ago now) the Italian restaurant was still open and the building was decent. They had the Metro / Supermarket shuttle and the older residents would gather near the lobby and chat daily. The laundry rooms used to suck but I never felt unsafe.

  • The stories are true. We must rise. We can no longer shudder in terror. We must stand on our feet like men. I will knock the corona out of a hoodlum’s hands if he whistles at my wife. I will stand my ground.

  • i lived in the woodner from 12/05 to 6/09 and i didnt have those personal experiences. although, i knew of folks that had some stories to share. the woodner is what it is, cheap rent for a decent size.

  • I remember when we lived on 15th & S Street before 1998, back when THAT was a dubious and slightly unsafe address too far east of Dupont, we had housemates move to the Woodner…there was a rape in the woods directly behind the building (Piney Branch) and a shooting IN the building in a hallway that year.

  • Everyone knows that the Woodner is all drug dealers, cops, mice and roaches.

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