Fire at 2905 11th Street, NW – Sunday Afternoon


Thanks to all who sent word especially this reader who also sent the photos. He writes:

“I just happened to walk by as the first fire trucks were arriving at around 1245 pm today at this fire at the Alliance of Concerned Men building at 2905 11th. There was white smoke pouring out of the building, but the firefighters had it under control within about 20 minutes. Here are pictures. As you can see around 7-10 fire trucks and probably 40 plus firefighters responded.”

photo 5

photo 3

More photos after the jump.

photo 4

photo 2

One Comment

  • The fire that took place at the DC Housing Authority’s building located at 2905 11th Street, N.W. is one that the tax payer’s of DC will have to shoulder the cost for. The Alliance of Concerned Men had total usage of this building for their non-profit operational purposes, which is by the way licensed for multi-residential usage only!, for absolutely no rent, no utility cost, no trash removal services (all trash picked up by Dept. of Housing Authority at tax payer expense); no electrical cost, no water cost and no gas cost at all.

    ACM has occupied this building for approximately the last six or more years at absolutely no cost to them and during the latter years under an expired leasing agreement. In addition, they also received 100% non-profit funding from tax payer dollars while operating in the DCHA building absolutely free!!!! Therefore, the ACM is out of nothing other than what we as tax payers provided to them for absolutely no cost! WE, the tax payers, are the ones who have suffered a great cost and how we will have to bear additional cost to bring this building back into usage. For complete, transparency and accountability purposes, Why don’t your newspaper investigate how much $$$ have actually been expended from tax payer dollars for all of the above to date.

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