Fire at 12th and S Streets, NW

From DCFireems on twitter:

“1231 S St NW – 2-story middle of row, rowhouse, fire started on 1st fl and spread to other areas – fire is contained, but not out”


“update (5:06pm) – 1231 S st NW – fire under control – appears to be related to fireplace and chimney, etc”

Thanks to a reader for the heads up.

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  • Upon removal of some really really poorly done plaster/drywall in an old house, I found the inside of the chimney had been subject to a small water leak from the poor interface between the siding and the brick, and over time, had eaten away practically all of the old mortar along the path of the interior “waterfall”. The outside had been repointed, but the inside not (how could it, it was buried behind a closet wall). The once solid mortar was loose sand or totally gone, so much so you could see the inner clay lining easily through the gap between the bricks.

  • This posting reminded me to finally get a chimney sweep to check out the two in my house. Rebuild smoke chambers, locktops and dampers, rebuild chimney and new crowns.

    Any one have a good place to recommend? I suspect a little bit of up-sell and unwarranted work.

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