Dos Gringos Rocking Some Interesting Holiday Decorations


Dos Gringos on Mt. Pleasant Street had some unusual holiday decorations going on. I dig ’em, though. Did Dos Gringos just celebrate their 10th anniversary?


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  • Walked past it last night. Thought it looked either like trash or a 1st grader’s art project.

    And I’m pretty sure it’s a Joyous Kwanzaa.


  • Duh, they are ice cream pint lids. Hence the homemade ice cream downstairs…

  • I wonder how widespread observance of Kwanzaa is in DC. It’s nice they added it, but too bad they didn’t run it through spell check first!

  • i’m dreaming of a white kwanzaa…..

  • The picture of the dog’s butt pretty much sums up how I feel about Dos Gringos…worst place to go for anything approaching decent service in Mt. Pleasant.

    Fruit salad, which costs $4, include two slices of grapefruit. And how dare I even complain?!?!

  • @KBO: “Homemade” is not an accurate term. They get their ice cream from an outside (local) vendor…I *believe* Moorenkos.

  • Definitely going to agree with Hater on this one.

    I live in MP, and love the local cuisine. But Dos Gringos is just terrible. None of their food is particularly good, and its all overpriced. For the same price as a bagel, you can go to Pollo Sabrossa and get a half chicken. Yeaaaah.

    On the other hand, their ice cream downstairs is great. So I’ll give them that much.

  • Bill O’Reilly would so have a fit over this.
    Had good experiences gettings some bites here after hitting the farmers’ market.

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