Door of the Day


Well it’s not exactly a door or even a gate for that matter but I thought it was pretty unusual. It’s on Shepherd Street up in Petworth. I like how it was built above the big rock…

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  • I think this house has been featured on the blog at least three times now. The owners have done a great job with their home. I’m still waiting for my first PoP shout-out. Maybe I shouldn’t have neglected the garden this year . . .

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yup, I once showed the yellow side of the house and another time showed their Japanese garden. Every time I walk by there is another cool addition!

      • You also featured their “tropical” back porch, bringing the total to four. What I like best about the house/yard is how they’ve incorporate bold colors and designs in a way that actually works.

  • This is dope.

  • There’s a big chip missing from the rock. It looks like they started to chip away at it, decided it was way too much work, and then just built the trellis (or whatever you call it) on top of it!

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