Dog Shot after Attack in Cleveland Park

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This is quite scary and sad. From MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating a police involved shooting of a dog that occurred in the 3400 block of Quebec Street, NW.

On Sunday, December 6, 2009 at approximately 5:30 pm, members of the Second District responded to the 3400 block of Quebec Street, NW, in reference to a call for a victim who had been bitten by a dog.

Prior to police arriving, a concerned witness heard the victim screaming for help. He managed to pull the dog, a male pit bull, off the victim, subdued the dog and placed the animal in a cage.

In addition to police, personnel from DC Animal Control and DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene. The victim, an adult female, was admitted to a local hospital and is currently in stable condition.

During the investigation of the incident, the dog reportedly became aggressive and got out of the cage. Animal Control employees made several unsuccessful attempts to secure the dog. The dog then charged towards one of the responding officers. Fearing imminent danger for his safety and the safety of others, the officer fired his service weapon, striking and injuring the dog.

Animal Control officers were then able to secure the dog, which has subsequently been euthanized.

The member who fired his weapon is a 39-year-old sergeant who has been with the department for 12 years.

“This is a tragic incident,” said Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. “I commend the man, who put his own life in danger and stepped in to assist the victim in this violent dog attack. I also want to recognize the sergeant who stopped the dog from attacking anyone else.”

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  • a pitbull? really? but they’re so friendly around the kids and all.

  • Wow, they guy who wrestled it back into the cage gets a high five from me. That takes some brass.

  • This is sad, and confusing.
    I will be the first (of many I am sure) to chime in with the response to the first post that pit bulls are gentle dogs by nature and no more prone to unprovoked attacks than other dogs. But once they attack they are hard to stop, particularly if they lock a jaw on something. That’s why I’d love to know how someone who is only a “concerned witness” managed to wrest a pit bull off of someone it was attacking, and get it into a cage without getting injured himself.

  • Without wading into a discussion about whether pit bulls are bad/good etc., it should be noted that they have no jaw-locking mechanism, despite popular conventional wisdom. Their jaws, while strong, are not significantly stronger than a similar sized boxer, german shepherd etc.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    i never realized there are pit bulls west of rock creek park??? esp. in upper caucasia!

  • PB took two to the chest. And it was the drugs that got him.

    caucasia? man, that’s like saying afroville, no? Or was it meant with respect and admiration?

  • Confused – “caucasia” is from the City Paper’s snarky neighborhood edition a few months back.

  • i’m a little confused – was this dog a stray? or was the victim the owner?

  • Why are people so concerned about a dead pit bull, don’t these dogs bite little kids.

  • The devaluation of the word “tragedy” continues.

  • couldn’t agree more mark.

  • This story could have been written without a breed mentioned and we’d all have been able to guess, including pit bull defenders. One of my best canine friends is (apparently) half pb, but it is the height of willful ignorance to defend them as a breed. There is no getting around the very reason for their existence here in Washington. They are bred and sold to be vicious. Good for you if you’ve rescued one, but keep it away from me and my kids.

  • I am not sure I believe the officer is a hero in the story. I think MPD needs some canine training. Check out other stories of dogs kille din DC by police officers:

  • This is Bullshit. Being the owner of two pit bulls and always hearing stories about attacks is ridiculous. I’d like to hear stories about Labs and Golden Retrievers attacking people. Why doesn’t these stories make headlines???

  • Bob, are pitbulls stronger than other breeds? Whenever these stories come up, it seems we hear that the PB latched onto someone and would not let go and couldn’t be beaten off. Is it just irresponsible breeding and rearing?

  • “I am not sure I believe the officer is a hero in the story. I think MPD needs some canine training. Check out other stories of dogs kille din DC by police officers:”

    There’s plenty of training given. And I don’t think that it’s coincidence that every dog that I’ve encountered professionally that has attacked someone or subject of an animal complaint has been a pitbull.

  • @Bob, you don’t hear stories about Labs and Golden Retrievers because they are not aggressive dogs and are not known for attacking people like, say, pit bulls.

    A CDC report said pit bulls, rottweilers or a mix of the two were responsible for 64% of the dog bite related fatalities in the US over a 24 year study.

    Of course there are wonderful pit bulls that are great with kids, gentle with other dogs, etc.

    But given a choice, why not choose a breed that poses less of a risk to your loved ones?

  • Brave officer fires a gun in a crowded urban area to save himself from a dogbite.

    “Protect and serve.”

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