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I debated whether or not to share this. It is just so violent I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. I can’t believe someone thought this was a good idea.

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  • It begs the question…the tennis system?

  • it was a great idea…i went and looked up tennis system and now I see that they are a band and I won’t forget the name due to that poster.

  • aesthetically, that is AWESOME. Don’t know if it belongs in sight of kids walking around. Not that they’d be traumatized, just that they’d probably be fixated on it and fascinated by it.. and enough parents probably couldn’t navigate a reasonable discussion about it. Meh, I dunno. It is a great graphic either way.

  • LOVE THIS. This is a great sticker. Don’t be such a dad, PoP! A little violent, but abstract enough that they can get away with it. and that band is pretty sweet

  • It might be a little shocking at first glance to some, but think about it: Who hasn’t been socked in the nose and seen the blood fly? Perhaps not with boxing gloves, but this has probably happened to nearly every one of you, as children

    • Actually, Roggit, I had this *exact* experience as a kid. I was socked in the nose by a butchy Thai woman in a tropical-print bikini (and the blood did fly!)… so, I find this very traumatizing. In fact, I have to go lay down now.

      As a graphic, I like it. Very powerful, if brutal. But I would like to once again state my distaste for vandalism, even if it “looks cool”. And before someone says, “It’ll peel right off!”, remember the xray poster thing from a few days ago?

  • That is awesome.

  • That’s my friend’s band.

  • More deep seeded hate in the city that sheds no tears for the innocent. More intolerable ferocity. Northern Virginia I long for your embrace.

    • not sure who you are, but i cry for the innocent all the time.

      two chicks boxing on a band promo, however, is a different matter.

  • really, anyone who loves this wants to see women getting beaten up and I will say this, if you think it’s cool, print it out and show it to a psychologist, psychiatrist or clergy and tell them why you think it’s cool. Tell a psychiatrist why you think it’s cool. I dare you, creeps.

  • Good point, Anon…
    Neener? Wanna fill us in? Men boxing: OK, but women boxing: represents all that is evil in our male-dominated society?

  • ooooo!! Catfight!!

  • yeah, neener, you’re wrong. this is actually a rather feminist poster (albeit a violent one).

  • the fact that you’re uncomfortable (with the fact that it’s women gruesomely fighting, and not men) means that it’s also an effective one.

    • uncomfortable=effective?
      i think you should rethink your understanding of logic.

      • effective because it challenges people’s ideas re: typical gender roles. see camiweazl’s post below.

        • to elaborate slightly: being uncomfortable with an image forces one to consider what exactly makes them uncomfortable. to some, it’s the stylized violence. but neener’s problem seems to come from the fact that it’s women participating in the violence. which leads to discussion/consideration of gender roles. in that sense, the image is successful (this discussion being case-in-point) from a feminist standpoint.

  • Damn y’all are soft. pillows for everything.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I’m reconsidering my initial thoughts a bit. The graphic itself is pretty impressive…

  • Marketing genius.

  • Images of nearly naked men pummeling each other highlight efficacy and masculinity. The power and agency that these female boxers wield seems to be too egalitarian for some… make the women more beautiful, draw them pulling each other’s hair, put them “in their place”.

  • Design & marketing wise it’s a good poster – made fairly well and catches your attention. In the realm of band/concert posters it’s not all that outrageous. Designers have long used stylized graphics like this – it’s actually pretty tame compared to a lot of punk and hardcore stuff from the last few decades.

  • I had seen a ton of posters around town for this band, so I finally decided to check them out a couple of months ago and went to one of their shows at Rock n Roll Hotel. So sick live! They’re loud as all shit and have this artsy/psyche/pop vibe like My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth. This logo is not really to my liking, but it’s great marketing and they’re a pretty killer band.

  • great graphic, no reason to get all worked up. Looks like a pretty nice right hook, though she does need to keep her guard up on the left.

  • Tennis System is a great local band! I have the band’s shirt w/the above graphic.

  • You’re kidding. Oh PoP!!! This is a wonderful piece of work by Tennis System, DC’s loudest band.

    Surely this isn’t as bad as people bringing too many items to the express checkout line. Or people hogging a whole seat on the metro…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It’s funny I was obviously completely wrong in my original thought because now I actually really do want to hear them live. Give a heads up if you know when the next concert is.

  • Love that print. I need the shirt. The band rocks pretty hard, and is one that DC can be proud of. Up and coming like a rocket. Not sure when the next show is, but it should be soon – they play pretty often. Check out a demo on their myspace page:


  • This image / action by the Tennis System has sparked such an engaged response / conversation, which I believe is highly valuable. sweet…

  • I loved this as soon as I saw it. And I am female.

  • All that wanted to get their hands on the t-shirt version of this, Tennis System will have plenty on hand tonight (January 18) at our CD Release show, which is being held at Asylum in Adam’s Morgan!

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