Dear PoP – Where are WMATA Restrooms?


“Dear PoP,

I was reading an article on the Washington Post about the new Silver Line and bathrooms. I was surprised to learn that restrooms were even accessible at other metro stops. I had no idea if you asked the metro Manager that you might be able to use the restroom at the stop. As the article mentions, only some metro stops have restrooms. I did a quick internet search to see if anybody had a list of metro stops with restrooms, but I could not find anything. Do you or your readers know of the metro stops that have restrooms?”

I have requested that info from WMATA public relations but haven’t heard back from them yet. I’ll follow up with them after the snow stops being an issue. But in the meantime do any readers happen to know which Metro stations have restrooms? I’m also curious if anyone has actually used one before. If so are they relatively clean?

We spoke about public restrooms back in April.

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  • Springfield-Franconia Blue Line does. They’re beside the Va transit little shop thing. They’re for Metro and VRE riders.

  • apparently the elevators do double duty

  • All of the stations have bathrooms. You only need to ask the worker in the hutch thing and they will escort you to them or open the door to the dank hallway that will take you there. In my experience, the restrooms have been very clean. I will add that the employees don’t like taking people to the restroom and they will sigh and act grumpy, but they will do it.

  • that the Metro stations have restrooms is one of those little known secrets about DC. I should compile a list and sell it to tourists.

  • I think most if not all stations have bathrooms – the trick is that many station managers will tell you they don’t just so they don’t have to take you there.

  • yeh i’ve known this for years. they’re always clean and empty. i feel like george Costanza when i’m in there!

  • I don’t know whether they all have restrooms. A few times I’ve asked and been let through. A few times the manager turned me down. I’ve heard, though, that if you say it’s an emergency, they have to let you use them.
    It’s been helpful a few times coming back after happy hours near work in Arlington with the 45 minute trip up to Petworth.

  • U Street has them. Just last night the lady at the 10th St end said we could not use them because they were locked, but we asked the gentleman at the 13th St end and he opened them for us, which was very useful as the next and last train was coming 30 minutes later.

  • What the what??? U Street has bathrooms? That is so clutch.

  • whew, thanks for the tip! sure beats hell outta peein’ on the third rail.

  • Columbia Heights has bathrooms, but I don’t think I’ve ever used them. I’ve used them at L’Enfant, Cleveland Park and Vienna. I don’t think they have to let you use them unless your young, old or disabled, but that has never been and issue for me.

  • I would think they all have to have a bathroom, right? Because otherwise what would the station managers do? It’s not like they could just hold it all day…

  • In the College Park station, the restrooms are “in” the parking garage stairwells. At least that’s what it smells like.

  • They all have bathrooms; they have to supply them for the workers there. They are not public knowledge DUH because of the type of people we have in this city (Don’t give me crap you know exactly what I mean) the same people who piss in a corner and on the elevators. If you ask at the station managers they are supposed to escort you there and back, but everybody is right they will give you a tude…. but that is apparently part of their job description as they all have tudes about everything. As far as cleanliness?? I suppose that is what you compare it to. I say it is better than nothing, but not what I would call clean. In a pinch (forgive the pun) it is nice to have, as other said when coming back from happy hours : )

  • While I hear the architecture of the restrooms is not as stunning as the barrel vaulting in the metro stations, I am glad that they offer public restrooms. My issue here is that you need to know to ask the attendant for access, as they are not easily accessible. That is a major issue – especially for out-of-towners.

  • @bitter elitist got it. Metro’s bathrooms conveniently move up and down.

  • They all have restrooms. I work there. They are on the mezzanine level behind the doors marked authorized personel only. You have to ask the station manager, and they can’t deny you.

  • Hello All

    I started the organiation that fought to make the station restrooms available to riders


  • I’ve asked to use the restroom at Metro Center after a late night full of beer, and it’s never been a problem. It’s the best way to tick away the 15+ minutes you have to wait to transfer lines at night!

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