Dear PoP – Petworth/Park View Dog Parks?

Saturday morning dog park at Clark School in Petworth
Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

“Dear PoP,

After a long separation, my dog will be moving back in with me (from my parents’) over the holidays. I’m relatively new to the neighborhood, and have seen a few dogs around, but I’m curious if there are some suggestions about dog friendly parks in the Petworth/Parkview area?

Also, I’d love to know if folks have any suggestions for dog walkers, vets, and boarding. I know – it’s a lot of dog questions, but I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks a lot!”

Well, we had some good recommendations for dog park/dog friendly spots here. Eric Nuzum wrote about doggie day care here. Can anyone recommend some good dog walkers, vets and/or boarding spots?

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  • City Paws down at 1823 14th St is really great. Awesome vets and staff, reasonable prices, and close to the neighborhood. They also have weekend appointments.

    Friendship Heights Animal Hospital is phenomenal in an emergency and open 24 hours, but can be very pricey.

    Dr. Morgan at Georgetown Vet is my absolute favorite vet in the city, but I can’t justify traveling from CoHi to G-town just for checkups. Or, actually, for any other reason.

  • Our dog walker, “Woofer Walks” is great and has a lot of clients in the Columbia Height/Petworth Area. The owner is awesome. Phone number 202-378-3563.

  • I do not like Friendship Animal Hospital at all and avoid it except in the direst of emergencies, I have had other vets tell me the same thing. I have been extremely pleased with Alpine Vet in Cabin John, MD. They are much more friendly and ‘family’ oriented than any of the vets I have experience with in the District. Their lower prices friendly staff and advice that is geared to things other than running up my bill makes it worth my while to drive there all the way from Capitol Hill.

  • Anybody use Petworth Animal Hospital?

  • I think Petworth Animal Hospital supplies meat for the Petworth Safeway……..

  • D.C. is a great dog-friendly city. Welcome to your pup!

    I’m sure that you will soon know all of the other dog owners in your vicinity and they can recommend shops, vets, daycare, etc. I use Union Vet and I have been really pleased with all of the vets there. It’s a bit further away than City Paws, but I highly recommend them.

    All of my neighbors use Dogs by Day for daycare and boarding, but I have yet to use them myself.

  • houseintherear

    I highly recommend Fairland Animal Hospital in way north Silver Spring (off Colesville Rd). Small practice with two doctors, but I never have problems getting an appointment. I couldn’t care less about the horribly trafficky drive because it’s such a great place.

  • We’re happy with DogCentric as our dog walker.
    Not sure if they venture to that neighborhood, but worth a shot.

  • If your dog gets hit by a car, take him to Friendship. I wouldn’t recommend Friendship for routine care, though. I take my dog to Union and I have been happy with the service there.

  • I’ve been loyal to Dupont vet for the past 5 years, and they’ve never steered me wrong. I also enjoy Wagtime, though they can get pricey. (especially with 2 pups)

    For dogwalking I heart my Diedre!
    She’s one of the cheapest rates in the city, and she’s very reliable. And, my boys love her to boot.

  • For boarding:
    Little Rascals on Georgia ave is a awesome. The owner is a great and your dog can play with other dogs while boarding if you wish. My dog practically runs through the door when I take him there, so I know he likes it.

    Unlike another reader above I Do like Petworth Animal hospital. They are old-school and inexpensive. For routine vaccinations and such I would definitely reccomend this place.

  • Echoing Katie, I’d take my dog to City Paws for regular appointments (Dr Bowman is great) and to Friendship Animal Hospital for emergency care or issues that go beyond what City Paws could provide.

    I’ve been happy with the vets I’ve seen in both places.

    Somewhat related, in the last 6 months of my dog’s life he was on a number of different medications and getting them filled at the vets was expensive. One of the vets at Friendship suggested I take his prescription to a drug store to be filled. Hadn’t occurred to me.

    So instead of paying $25-30/month per prescription, I got them at the Target pharmacy for at least 75% less.

  • waggywalkys is my go-to service for walking my dog twice a day while i’m away. ask for frank if you call. looks like they changed their website recently but the contact info is there.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    My recommendations:

    Vet: Union Vet Clinic over in Capitol Hill NE, near union station and the SEC. I like Dr. Kats.

    Dog Parks: there are two ‘unoffical’ ones, ie not maintained by the city, nearby… at 11th and Park Rd NW (across from Red Rocks Pizza) and at the north end of Upshur Park at Arkansas Ave and Allison Sts NW.

    Private indoor dog park/boarder/daycare: Little Rascals at Missouri and Georgia Aves NW in the Brightwood neighborhood. The indoor facility will be a great space during the cold winter months. A dog park play session is only $5.

    Little Rascals also have behavior specialists who can help address your dog vs. dog issues.

  • I love Dogs by Day and so does my dog. Very friendly for dog boarding/daycare.

    City Paws for a Vet.

    And Gus Elfving for dog walking

  • For dog parks: This map is pretty up to date and thorough, listing all the public and private dog parks in the area. (Full disclosure: I’m on the board of Hill Hounds)

    For vets: I like CityPaws. I went to DuPont for years, and Union before that (they’re owned by the same people). I don’t go there anymore (loved the doctors; the ownership is terrible).

    For boarding/day care: it’s far from you, but you can’t beat Dog-ma. It’s the only indoor/outdoor facility in the city (they were grandfathered in before outdoor day care was outlawed by the city) and they are really, really attentive and customer service oriented (toward both owners and their pets).

  • I use Dr. Mahron of At Home Animal Care and really like her. She makes housecalls, which is awesome for my shy, blind, cat (and for me, since I don’t have a car) and it didn’t cost any more for a checkup and shots than it would at a traditional vet. The downside is that if an emergency occurs, she doesn’t have an office and can’t do things like surgery.

  • My dog Clemmie is one of the ones pictured. We take her to Wheaton Animal Hospital and really like Dr. Schwartz there. For daycare, we take her to Little Rascals, and have always been happy with it. She comes back a tired little doggie and is always excited when she gets there. We’ve taken her to the dog parks mentioned–the one by RedRocks is really small and when she was little she could squeeze under the gate–super dangerous b/c she nearly ran into traffic. Allison and Arkansas is better, but there are hardly any dogs there. We take her every morning to an informal group that meets at Clark Elementary School–all the dogs are very friendly and social and she gets a great workout there.

  • what’s the problem with Friendship? We take our cats there and the are great.

  • The grounds of the now-closed-Clark Elementary at 8th & Webster NW are a popular unofficial dog park. On weekends there are soccer games but weekdays it’s practically empty. Just please scoop your poop!

  • Dog walkers: we use Fur Get Me Not. We use their VIP service which can get pricey, but we love, love, love our dogwalker.

    Vet: we do go to Friendship, mainly because our pup had some GI problems. great hospital, though after reading this thread, I am considering NOT going there for routine care. I have only read one review of Petworth Animal Hospital and it wasn’t a good one – though it is comforting to read someone has had good experiences there.

    Daycare/Boarding: Little Rascals, of course. We’ve been customers since practically day one.

    Parks: Such a bummer, I don’t really feel like there’s any great off-leash parks. I do like taking the dog to Wonderland during the summer when we eat outside.

  • I’m considering getting a dog. For those of you with one, how often do you have the dog walkers come? Every day? Seems like that would get expensive.

  • I love my vets at City Paws on 14th St, and they’re moderately priced.
    In my dog’s early years, long ago, she made the rounds, and my assessment would be that Friendship is too expensive.

    I would second also the opinion that Petworth Animal Hospital (near Safeway on Georgia) is just fine.
    They certainly don’t have a lot of money, but the vet there (I don’t remember his name) is very nice, thoughtful, and has a wonderful demeanor that really put my dog at ease. They even did her spay, and I’ve known them to do a lot of cats in the neighborhood too. Services there are dirt cheap.

    Of course, all that said, it seems a little run down and I go to City Paws.

  • We used Adams Morgan Clinic for a short while, but were very displeased with them – then we switched to City Paws and boy is our pup pampered!!

    As for dog walker – Capital City Canines (owned by Jordan) is very reasonable and super nice. We have a 76lb boxer who gets walked 3 days a week.

    As for boarding – if you want a bit smaller venue (only 5-6 dogs max, and NO cages) try on 11th street. Run by a professional trainer, and super nice person.


  • We use Waggy Walkys for our dog walker. Very pleased with them!

    City Paws for our vet and Friendship for emergencies when City Paws isnt open.

    We live right near Shaw dog park and love it. Big open area for the pup to run.

  • Friendship is extremely expensive, and their vets are generally straight out of veterinary school. The average time a vet spends there is 9 months before moving on. Although I’ve generally had decent experiences there in case of emergencies, others have not been so lucky- check the reviews on yelp.
    CityPaws on 14th is excellent- 30 minute appointments for $65 as opposed to 20 minutes at Dupont for $70. Dr Teich is particularly good with dogs.
    IMPORTANT: if you’re looking at buying medications such as flea/ tick or heartworm preventative (which a dog in particular should always be on, although the flea/ tick can be relaxed if it’s a cold winter) and you want to get a deal off line, DO NOT USE 1 800 PETMEDS. Their guidelines as to where they get the medications and how it is stored is very lax, and if you give it to your pet and the animal gets sick, they will not take any responsibility for it. Try or–they get their medications directly from the manufacturer and the storage of which is overseen by veterinarians.

  • My wife’s cat had cancer and Friendship hospital milked my wife for every penny they could. Another vet who was brought in told me that all the treatment they pushed on her was malpractice and cruel to the cat.

  • Friendship is the only emergency vet in DC so that’s where I go when I have to but DO NOT take your dog there for routine care… they gave a friend’s dog some really, really wrong advice about their dog’s ringworm which then spread to my dog and I’m still dealing with it. I take my dog to City Paws and have been really happy with them.

  • I’ve been going to Collins Animal Hospital on Wisconsin Avenue for years, taking dogs and cats, and they’re great. I’ve gotten excellent care in diagnosis, treatment and surgery. I’ve also used Leanne Lipton, who’s an excellent holistic veterinarian, for acupuncture and related treatments, as well as nutritional advice, for my dog. She’s mobile but was also working some days out of City Paws and may still be. I used to go to City Paws for general veterinary care but stopped because their care was uneven and their customer service was poor and not attentive to the needs of my elderly dog.

  • @Eli
    it depends on your dog’s needs. if you get a high-energy dog like a lab, it would be cruel to not exercise it every day. we do the dog walker every day – and you are right it is expensive – but our dog is so social, it really makes a difference. there are a few neighborhood dogs that simply do not get enough exercise and it shows – misbehave, hard to control, etc.

    however, if you have the time in the morning and afternoon to dedicate to a real walk (not just the cursory round-the block walk) you might not need one. if we didn’t use the dogwalking service i’d definitely do daycare 3-4 times a week – which sometimes can equal the cost of the dogwalker.

    hope this helps.

  • Another vote for Woofer Walks and Justin for dogwalking. He is awesome, and covers Petworth/Park View.

    For vets, Union Vet near Union Station is great, as is Collins. (I have an easier time getting appointments at Union Vet than Collins though.) I also do not heart Friendship- they are pricy given that the quality of care I’ve received there has been spotty, and I only use them as a last resort for emergencies.

    Dogs by Day is my choice for boarding and dog daycare. Little Rascals is much closer to my house, and I would love to like it, but I had a weird interaction with the owner, was not impressed with the quality of care they provided when my dog was boarded, and haven’t been back since.

  • blester01

    I have heard good things about Union Vet, but we do not use them- we send our dogs to City Paws.

    We used to go to Dupont, but we realized that they were consistently ordering tests that made no sense to the dog’s symptoms. My father-in-law is a vet in Chicago, and he is the one that pointed this out. This was either done to boost profits or lack of knowledge/ experience. Neither of which makes us comfortable; so we do not recommend them.

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