Dear PoP – Ghana Cafe Looking Good and Opening Soon


“Dear PoP,

Walked by Ghana Cafe (14th Street just south of Rhode Island Ave.) on Friday and the owners were sitting inside. They invited us in and showed us around the place which is deceptively large. They are ready to open but are waiting on inspectors. As of Friday they were told that final inspection would take place today.”

I walked by today but sadly the owners weren’t inside. I did get a shot of the inside through the window which did indeed look pretty good. I also caught a saxophonist playing outside which was an added bonus…


Sadly, someone had tagged the front window with graffiti. There is no debate about this graffiti, it is horrible and clearly a crime. Well here’s to hoping they passed the final inspection and open soon!


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  • damn, hope that’s just white paint and not glass etching compound on the window. There was a huge problem with the etching compound graffiti a while back and it necessitates the replacement of the whole pane of glass, which is spendy.

  • They really need to take a pressure washer to that filthy facade. Little details like that can be quite revealing about how detail-oriented a restaurant is with their food. Kind of like how you probably shouldn’t be eating at the place with the filthy restroom.

  • I assume it’s just the effect of photographing through the window, but that picture makes the interior look almost as dark, dank and disgusting as the old location.

    Love the food, but I only ever ate there in summer when I could sit outside away from the “regulars” and their “music”.

    • Haha, “music.” Observing groups of middle-aged men farting loudly while eating dinner is not my idea of a nice night out.

  • that’s etch.

  • Yeah, that’s etch bath.

    Apparently the glass can be ‘sanded’ down in some way to make the glass look normal again, but its costly and I’m guessing, compromises the strength of the glass.

    Glass etching looks cool but it is a nightmare to repair.

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