Dear PoP – Burritos Fast Closed?

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“Dear PoP,

I walked past Burritos Fast on Mt. Pleasant Street this morning and there was already paper on the window. Has it been sold?”

Back in August we learned that Burritos Fast was for sale 3213 Mount Pleasant St NW. They had been staying open in the interim but sadly have now closed. I’ll keep my eyes peeled to see what comes to this space. Will folks miss Burritos Fast? Tina had mixed emotions on the space back in May ’08.

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  • Sad. So sad. I don’t have any other favorite take out places in MtP. I know Adam Express is good, but it is not a favorite for me. Any other recommendations?

  • So very, very sad. I have had some very tasty burritos from this place — nice and overstuffed to the point that the ends of the burrito don’t want to close properly. (Chicken burrito with refried beans… yum to the yum!)

  • I ate there a few times and never thought the burritos were that good.

  • i hope it was sold and it wont be just another empty storefront.

  • Hey Prince of Petworth – Any idea on wether the Mt. Pleasant residents association or the other local community groups are actively working to attract commerce to the the “Mt. Pleasant Mainstreet?” These groups sure create alot of noise when they want to, but our “village in the city” looks like sh*t.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Zoom268 there was a meeting last night and I’m trying to get notes from it…

  • @MtP,

    I’ve always liked the burrito at Don Juan’s carry-out (next to the sit-down restaurant). It comes with a side of rice and beans and guacamole. Good eats. Though be warned that service there is slow.

  • Very sad to see Burritos Fast go. We picked up dinner there at least weekly when we lived in MtP. I loved their menu choices: chicken or meat.

  • I didn’t like Burritos Fast. In fairness, I’m a really really big fan of everything Haydees, so I might be a little biased. But I have to say I tried Angelico’s (next door to BF) and while I didn’t like the pizza, all of the flatbread sandwiches are outstanding. The Capri is the tastiest thing I’ve had in a really long time (mozzarella and prosciutto with caramelized onions…mmmm….)

  • HUGE bummer! I loved this place. I strolled over there an hour ago excited for a tasty burrito and left with only a broken heart and an empty stomach. I can’t believe there are people that didn’t like this place. What’s wrong with you all?!?

  • Don Juan’s across the street has the finest steak quesadilla I’ve ever met. Call it in and pick it up in the take out area.

  • @dcdude – Thanks. I will try them out. Don’t know why I’ve never been there.

    @WDC – Don’t forget the spinach burrito! It was awesome. Most take out burrito places don’t seem to serve spinach burritos.

    @liz – I’ve only tried Haydees once. Do they really use the processed cheeze food on everything? I grew up on this stuff and can handle such things, but my lady didn’t and can’t.

  • I agree about Don Juan’s. Just go in the takeout place on the side and not into the main part which is kinda sketch at times.

  • Don Juan’s carryout +1.

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